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YOWhatsApp APK Download (Official) v18.70 – Premium Unlocked

YOWhatsApp APK is like the modified version of the original WhatsApp app. It is basically an android app that is helpful for all those people out there who like to use Whatsapp on their iOS devices (iPhone). Yes, the official WhatsApp does not allow any third party apps to run on its platform. But with this app you can use WhatsApp on your iOS device without facing any problems or errors.

YOWhatsApp APP was originally launched for ios devices but after enormous pressure it has been made available for android users too. The working of YOWhatsApp 2021 is simple, download this app from the internet and install it on your phone just like you have installed other apps before.

App Info YOWhatsApp APK

App Name YOWhatsApp APK
Developer Piriform
Category Social Media
Size30 Mb
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

YoWhatsApp Description:

YOWhatsApp APK For Android has become the talk of the town because most users cannot afford an expensive phone just for using an app! They need something simple and easy to use which is available in an affordable price range. And this is exactly what YoWhatsApp provides them. Furthermore, YOWhatsApp has some amazing themes too that can be downloaded from the play store itself free of cost. Some are for status while others are for customization purposes.

So the main thing about YOWhatsApp is that it runs smoothly in almost all smartphones having any android version installed. This application can be used by those users too, who want to run an app on both iOS as well as Android platforms. It will make sure that you get two apps with the same features and options under one single roof i.e YoWhatsApp.

Plus it has some amazing features like the ability to chat with multiple people at once, preference of making your messages readable in any language you want and there are many more features that will make sure that you never switch back to normal Whatsapp.

Features Of YOWhatsApp APK?

Following is the list of some of the amazing and my personal favorite of YOWhatsApp:

Hide Blue Tick:

If you don’t want others to see that you have seen their messages on Whatsapp, this feature is the one thing you should look forward to most. With the Hide blue tick option enabled, if anybody tries to check whether they have read or not, then it will show that message was delivered at a given time and date without showing who has read it. So now, no need to panic just because somebody tagged you in a group message.

Following Group:

With YoWhatsApp Android app for PC, if your account is verified with phone number and not with google plus or any other social networking site then all your WhatsApp contacts will be synced with YOWhatsApp and thus following them using this YOWhatsApp APK Download also makes you to be added in their group or broadcast list.

Receive Notifications:

It is basically a feature that will help you get notified of each and every WhatsApp message (apart from WhatsApp groups) on YoWhatsApp servers. If you don’t want to miss any information whatsoever, then this feature is for you!

It downloads all your Whatsapp messages and even the contacts list within a few minutes after opening YOWhatsApp. This way your phone’s battery gets drained much faster than usual but it is worthwhile if you can’t afford to miss any important information.

Supports Many Languages:

The languages which are supported by YOWhatsApp include Urdu, Persian, Arabic, English, etc. This way your communication will become more fluent and easy to understand for everyone in the group chat or broadcast list. Awesome isn’t it!?

Privacy Settings:

This feature allows you to choose between Normal Mode (All users can view private information) and Hidden mode (No one except users can view any info like birth date, contact number etc.) However, I would recommend this for people who send inappropriate images or videos on Whatsapp.

The other person might get annoyed if he/she sees it before the intended time! So make sure that you don’t send anything which someone might find offensive throughout YoWhatsApp APK usage.

MPicc Chat Engine:

YoWhatsApp APK has its own MPicc chatting engine which is much more advanced than others. So you chat smoothly without any lag or interruption! What else do you need besides that!?


With this feature, if your smartphone supports speech recognition then YoWhatsApp will translate your voice into text messages, which are sent to recipients via Whatsapp instant messenger. So now no worries of typing long paragraphs on Whatsapp!

Just speak and confirm whether the message has been received by the other person or not with just one click. However, it takes a little time to get used to and also isn’t as accurate as Google Voice Typing but still does its job well enough for our day-to-day usage!

YoWindow Weather:

It is basically the feature through which you can get the weather information of any city in the world, at a glance. It has many features like displaying high and low temperatures along with showing some statistics for the past few days to make sure that you don’t miss anything while traveling!


With this feature, no need to double-check whether the message was sent or not because YoWhatsApp shows you the status of all your messages. So now no more panicking about whether your jokes were received by your friends or not!

Mstatus in Latest Version YOWhatsapp Download ensures that everything is alright! If someone hasn’t seen it yet then it will be shown as “Delivered” and if they did see it then it will be highlighted green without even reading its contents!. Isn’t this amazing?

Media Download:

Of course, you can’t expect it to be free or super fast but even then this feature is worth of mention because it downloads all the media content (images and videos) that were received in your Whatsapp inbox! It’s kind of like a backup for your WhatsApp account. So no more panicking if you’ve deleted some image accidentally on Whatsapp! This will help you recover them within minutes!

Send an Application to YoWindow:

Furthermore, you can send an application to YoWindow so that it gets downloaded through the link directly on your smartphone. So no need to Download YOWhatsApp APK  file separately on your phone. It’s all within one single app!

Block Users for spamming/not following group rules etc.:

Another amazing feature is blocking of members who are disturbing the peace in any Whatsapp group or broadcast list by sending inappropriate images or video clips! You can easily do this just by tapping them with a finger twice and then blocking them with one tap! No more trouble of reporting someone as spam or annoying user because now it’s done for you! All you have to do is simply block them.


Last but not the least, with the YoWhatsApp theme changer, you can customize your Whatsapp look with a different interface and colour scheme. It doesn’t interfere in any way with the app interface or functioning though! So enjoy changing it as much as you want!

Change Backgrounds/Wallpapers of YoWhatsapp:

You can easily change the backgrounds or wallpapers of your WhatsApp with Latest Version YoWhatsApp! Just follow the instructions below to do this.

It’s time to enjoy the new customized Whatsapp interface because the default one gets boring over time! So by keeping these features in mind I believe that you won’t regret investing your 1 MB.

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How To Download & Install YOWhatsApp APK?

In order to download the YOWhatsApp APK file, first make sure that you have enabled unknown sources in your Android device. To enable it, Go to Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources and Enable the option by tapping on it so that you can install APK files.

Now follow the below steps to download the YOWhatsApp Apk file

Step 1. After enabling unknown sources, Go to your WhatsApp App and Open it.

Step 2. Download the APk file from our site to your Android device.

Step 3. Now Go to “Settings” and click on the Security option. Then enable “Unknown Sources”, from the settings tab.

Step 4 – Open the Apk file that you have downloaded from our site, it’ll ask for Installation, tap on the Install button and wait until the installation is complete. Finally, go to Whatsapp from your app drawer to use it as a secondary WhatsApp clone app!

Note: If You see a pop-up box saying ‘YOWhatsApp APK Blocked’ then this means it’s blocked by WhatsApp because of Copyrighted Issues! Please try other sites offering the same apk file or choose another best alternative for downloading any other apk files without any copyright issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use my old WhatsApp account with YOWhatsApp?

Yes, You can easily use your old Whatsapp account to login into YOWhatsApp. No Signup Required! Just start using it right away by simply logging in with your WhatsApp credentials!

2. What happens when I get a voice note from someone on the default Whatsapp and then download this app where that person’s privacy is not accessible?

What happens in such a case is that you will be able to view and play audio messages, but not the images! And even if your friends want to send you some other media files like videos or photos by default WhatsApp won’t allow it because of privacy issues.

3. Can I add custom contact groups in YOWhatsApp?

Yes, You can add any number of customer contacts in YOWhatsApp. Just follow the instructions given above!

4. What are semi-transparent statuses?

Semi-Transparent statuses are another amazing feature available for this app. It allows people who read your status updates on their Whatsapp to also see your profile picture while reading that status update of yours!


YoWhatsApp APK Latest Download is an amazing app that has got all the features that are related to social media or chat apps. You will never feel bored of using this application because every single day there comes up something new within this ever-growing app.

I would definitely say that it’s worth trying out because its services are free, unlike other third-party applications which charge you for their premium version. So if you have already tried out the regular WhatsApp application, or if you are tired of getting stuck with one app alone then it’s definitely a good time to switch over to YoWhatsApp APK.

It has got all the features that you need in a single app without creating too much mess around by having multiple apps installed on your phone. So just give it a try and share your views about this amazing application here in the comment section below!

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