Yandex Blue China Full APK

Yandex Blue China Full APK Latest Version For Andriod

Web browsing is the best way to learn and research because the whole world’s data and information are available on the world wide web. But it is not pleasing when you search for some page but Google or any other search engine denies displaying it due to any reason. Due to these reasons, people tend to look for an alternative search engine to help them do their job. 

Yandex Blue China Full APK is the most popular search engine capable of browsing and displaying content restricted by a widely-known search engine named Google. With this mesmerizing app, you can stream videos, listen to music, and browse sites that are geographically restricted. Why stifle your curiosity when you access an incredible web exploring tool from Yandex Blue China Full APK. 

App Info Yandex Blue China Full APK

App Name Yandex Blue China Full APK
Developer Yandex Co. Ltd.
Category Web Browser
Size104 MB
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

Features Of Yandex Blue China Full APK

Yandex Blue China Full APK is remarkable in the following ways:

1- Internal VPN

Are you looking for a web browser for searching geographically restricted content without a VPN? If so, then Yandex is offering this facility to its users. It has servers in various countries of the world, aiding the user to all websites without VPN. 

2- Customizable

Those who live in a world of creativity will love this web browser because it comes with various backgrounds and themes. Anyone can select a theme and background of their own choice and give it a personalized touch. Other than that, you can also switch it in between available day and night mode, which is very handy.

4- Free 

All the fantastic features of Yandex Blue China are free for its users because the publisher of this app has a clear goal of web access for all. You can also go for premium mode, which is paid but allows you to do web searching without barriers.

5- Onboard video player and download 

The best part of Yandex Blue China is it has an internal video player which you can use to stream videos inside the app. Aside from that, its built video downloader will help you download videos, audio clips, documents, and images for later view. 

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How to download Yandex Blue China Full APK?

For downloading the Yandex Blue China Full APK, you should follow the below-given steps

  • The device on which you are going to install it must have a compatible OS system which is Android 5.0 
  • Apart from that, make sure that it has access to a stable, reliable, and fast internet 
  • Download the APK file by clicking on the button which is given under it.

How to install Yandex Blue China Full APK?

To install the APK file of Yandex Blue China Full, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Make changes in settings by allowing the device to install apps from unspecified sources
  • Your device must have access to stable and robust Internet
  • Startup the downloading process by clicking on the download button below.


1. Will my device be safe when browsing with Yandex Blue China APK?

You are downloading a specialized web browser, not a virus, Trojan, and any other malicious piece of software. Therefore, do not worry about the security of your mobile device. After accessing and testing it thoroughly, we have published means there is no chance that your device security is compromised by using it.

2. Is this app free to use?

Regular use of Yandex Blue China is absolutely free, like disabling ads, customizing web browsers, and utilizing internal download. It also has a premium subscription which unlocks the door of ultimate web browsing. Simply put, it is free for those who only have to search inaccessible and restricted content without any hassle.

3. What makes Yandex Blue China better than Google?

Yandex Blue China is an excellent alternative to Google if you have to search for restricted content. Moreover, you can block ads and play videos internally thanks to handy tools inside this application that are not offered by anyone else. 

Final Words

With lots of customization options, a built-in video player, and an internal ads blocker allows it Yandex Blue China is the perfect app for internet researchers. The quality of content you will get using it will be HD which is way better than various widely recognized search engines. Hurry up and download Yandex China Blue APK right now.

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