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Typically, games for mobile devices are simulations and heart-wrenching games, and This War of Mine Mods is the same. Playing this game would put you on a whole new level of fun. It is possible to download the game from the Google Play Store and start playing immediately.

This War Of Mine game has stunning graphics because everything is well-depicted. You do not have to worry about the plot when playing this game. A city called Sarajevo was the scene of this in 1992; however, not everyone is afraid. Both sides have encircled the city with their armies, which has caused severe hardship and suffering in the city.

The game allows players to relive brutal war scenes. If you enjoy experiencing hardship on the battlefield, the game is perfect for you. Innocent civilians are facing hardship and death in this game. All people suffer when war breaks out.

Taking inspiration from the innocent, painful fate of civilians hit by bullets. A game created by 11-bit studios revolves around human life during the war. Feel the ravages of war like never before. Residents of a city under siege are featured in the game. This game will help you develop combat skills.

This War of Mine Mods App Info

App Name This War of Mine
Developer 11-bit studios
Category Simulation
SizeVaries with Device
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.4 and Up


From a totally new perspective, the game offers a unique experience for war fans. Day and night cycles play a role in this War of Mine Mods. The gameplay is also enjoyable. In order to ensure that you remain within your refuge, snipers often strike during the daytime.

Taking care of survivors, finding hideouts, and crafting items are essential. You have the chance to do other things at night since snipers don’t attack. Scavenging can be carried out by civilians. Keeping alive is the goal.

An old, dilapidated house with holes caused by bombs was led by the survivor group leader. Your hiding place will be uncovered if you fire shots. In order to ensure food and medicine, you will need to upgrade your home. Many resources are unavailable. In order to support yourself with food, you must hunt small animals, collect vegetables, and grow them.

This can be life-threatening, like hanging by a thread. Survival will be a constant struggle. Wartime life is portrayed in an extremely realistic way. During the war, I had many memorable experiences.

A war started and lasted for a long time in a village where the novel is based on actual events. Sarajevo has been ravaged by war, and there is no food or shelter available to you. How do you cope in this situation? You will always be watched by your enemies.

In these troubled times, you will have to make sure you survive them. The gameplay in this game is quite dark yet fascinating, so it is not suitable for soft-hearted people.

Features of This War of Mine Mods

Different Missions:

When this war of mine mods game begins at night, its main theme becomes more interesting since then you will have to face a physical enemy. As well as the rooftops and roads, you will also be surrounded by enemies in military tanks.

The primary responsibility of your task is to move a lot of stuff or to get yourself, your teammates, and the medical supplies they need. In spite of the fact that they are seemingly inactive, the environment in which they are working is very intense and dark.

Best Controls:

A charcoal-styled colored theme is featured in This War of Mine Mods Apk game. By giving players full control and by managing the shelter, they can experience a complete war scenario in an ultra-realistic manner with the stunning graphics in this game.

Different Characters:

One main character represents the player in this War of Mine. Her father’s responsibility is to raise her little sister, who lives in a dilapidated house with her. In addition to the hero and his daughter, other civilians were left without shelter and protection.

Ensure their safety. 12 characters, including the protagonist, are available for you to control. It might be difficult to spot them at first, but they eventually become apparent. As well as being killed by wounds and hunger, characters in games can die from diseases or mental illness as well. You may not be able to save everyone.

Real-Life Events:

You will become a victim of a war when you participate in this game to be innocent. During the war, they had to survive for 90 days and nights. To survive and to help each other in the game, many characters play varying roles. Prior to the war, these people had a family, a job, and a peaceful lifestyle, but as soon as the conflict erupted, their lives turned upside down.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Items
  • Free to Download
  • No Ads
  • All DLC Unlocked

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How to Download and Install This War of Mine Mods

Finally, you read the gameplay and features of this game, and now you’re curious to download it? Am I Right? If yes, then just follow the below steps carefully to save yourself from any errors:

  1. Click on the Download Button and download this game on your smartphone.
  2. Once this process completes, open the File Manager application and head over to the Downloads Folder.
  3. Now just open the Apk File and then tap on the install button to install it on your phone.


1: In the game This War of Mine, how long does war last?

There is a maximum playtime of two hours stated on the box. It takes me at least five hours to play the first game. Those with more experience will need at least three hours. Shortening the game with certain scenarios is possible but requires familiarizing yourself with the game rules.

2: Is This War of Mine Mods a good game?

It should be noted that this is an excellent simulation of wartime and civil war survival, as well as a study of the subject. Having played it once, it will remain in your mind. Along with that, with its quality graphics and controls, you love to play it all the time. 

Final Verdict

You should play This War of Mine Mods if you enjoy games about the war that are dark and intense. Having to struggle quite a bit to achieve some outcomes makes games much more interesting. Though it is more of a survival game, many people love it because of its great features. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download it right now for free! 

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