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Snapchat++ APK Latest Version – (Premium Unlocked)

Snapchat++ APK is the hacked version of the official Snapchat APK (version 10.12.0). Snap a photo or video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They’ll view it, laugh, and then the snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot!

Snapchat++ allows you to save pictures sent through your line as well as directly download videos (1080p) with audio now too. You can save them locally to your device’s storage or copy them over to a PC via a micro USB cable.

The mod increases speed for sending snaps too; by reducing network usage in general- especially while using data!  You can also change how fast time moves on photos/videos you’ve taken with post timers up to 60 seconds! This is much better than the official version due to much less battery consumption and better performance.

App Info Snapchat++ APK

App Name Snapchat++ APK
Developer AVCR Inc.
Category Social Media
Size70 Mb
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 5.0 and Up

Snapchat++ APK Description:

Snapchat++ For Android is a free picture messaging application for iOS and Android which allows users to send pictures to one or more contacts, with the content disappearing after being viewed.

It also includes additional features such as image filters and lenses, adding “geofilters” to user images in specific locations (e.g., sending an image with “I’m at McDonald’s” superimposed on top of it), rendering images in different sizes, and sending video snaps.

The application was released in October 2013, originally for i OS only; an Android version was released in June 2014. A Windows 10 Mobile version of the app has existed since 2015 but no mobile version exists for Windows 10 PCs or tablets.

Snapchat++ APK Features:

Unlimited Snaps: You can send as many pictures as you want to your friends! They’ll disappear after being viewed. You aren’t able to screenshot or record snaps without the sender knowing, so rest assured all of your personal photos and videos are safe with us!

Special API: They have an awesome API which does all of the work for you, so that you can share videos and pictures to Snapchat++ APK without actually having the app!

Background Updates: You don’t need to check back with us ever again because we automatically send your new snaps directly to Snapchat++ in the background. Enjoy your favourite snap stories uninterrupted!

No “Hacker” Logo: Unlike other apps on Android, ours doesn’t have a huge logo on the top of every page making it obvious that you are using a third-party app. You will look like a pro while using our Hacked APK!

Hide All Notifications: We know how annoying it is when someone always tries to add you but since this isn’t Snapchat official- no one will find out!

Display Picture: You can even display your favourite snap on your Android’s home screen so you can always remember the good times!

Unlimited Photos and Videos: Take as many pictures and videos as you want, because after all, it’s really fun. We guarantee that we will never limit how many pictures or videos you can send or receive.

Do Not Disturb: Want to sleep peacefully but someone keeps sending picture messages? By using our “Do Not Disturb” option, this function makes your phone silent while still allowing you to view snaps and stories! Now everyone will have a sweet dream! 😉

View Multiple Stories at Once: Tired of jumping from one story to another? With our Hacked version of Download Snapchat++, you can view and like multiple stories at once! \o/

Save Pictures: Want to save all of the memories forever? With our Snap Save feature, you can download pictures and videos without limits!

Optimized for Top Performance: Many developers tested this Hacked version on many Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, S7, S6, Google Pixel XL and OnePlus 5. The speed is much faster than other similar apps out there. They guarantee that they will always provide top-notch performance for any Android device.

You can look through your Snapchat’s camera roll and save items in a whole new way with the modded Snapchat++ app download. Browse through your photos and watch entire snap stories. Go back in time with the built-in browser, and preview all your snaps before you view them!

Remove Saving Watermark: Our Snapchat++ app has a built-in browser. In the browser, you can view your entire snap story without saving it to your camera roll. This is perfect if you want to watch funny snap stories but don’t want other people to see them via iCloud or other apps!

Inspect Individual Snaps: Want to check out an individual snap before viewing it? Now with our Hacked Snapchat++ APK Version, you can view photos and videos sent right from your home screen! No more waiting until the next day for your “memories” 🙂

Easily Navigate User Profiles: You will never be lost in another snap story ever again since we have fully integrated the Android share feature into our Snapchat Hacked APK. Also, there is an integrated search feature to make finding specific chats and stories much easier.

You can now enjoy all of the amazing features Snapchat Hacked has to offer on your Android device. This is a brand new application, so send us feedback if you have any ideas for improvement – we love hearing from our fans :)!

As many people have pointed out – No Root or PC is required in order to use our Snpachat++ App. It runs on every Android device which means you can also see your friends who are using the iOS operating system!

All in all, this Snapchat++ Android app works without any issues. But remember there are some features that you can’t use such as viewing analytics, adding friends and sending friend requests. The main reason for that is because of the different APIs (Application Programming Interface) used by Snapchat’s official website and third-party apps like Snapchat++.

The good news for Snapchat fans is that an update was released on April 11th to fix a number of issues encountered when using the application:

Add friends from your contact list: This will allow you to add friends easier than before! Save Snaps: You will no longer lose your “memories” when exiting the app! Video Playback Issues: Videos should now play smoothly within Snpachat++ APK! Map View: View all of your friends on a map, just like the official app!

As new features are added to this version of Snapchat++, we will be sure to keep you updated! In addition, if any problems arise with this latest release – please let us know in the comments section and we’ll get right on it. They want all of our fans to have a great experience when using this upgraded application :).

How Does it Work?

This app uses their official API in order for this SnapChat ++ Hack Version work ! There are literally thousands of people who are cheating with this too but don’t want to get caught? Our app is one of the safest out there! We have a guide on how to use Snapchat++ offline, however, it’s mainly for if you don’t have internet.

1) After downloading “Snapchat ++” , launch your APK file and allow unknown sources.

2) Click on ‘Allow’ as shown in the picture below:

3) Click “Install” as this will install our hacked APK version of Download Snapchat ++ APK onto your Android device.

5) You can now open up our App and log in using your Snapchat Username and Password.

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How To Download & Install Snapchat++ APK?

Currently, Snapchat++ is not available on the Google Play Store. That means you will need to download our hacked version of Snapchat ++ directly from our website ! To make this process easier for you, we have provided a step-by-step guide below:

1) The first thing that you’ll have to do is download the latest version Snapchat ++ APK Android app!

3) On your Android device, hit the Android ‘share’ button which looks like this:

4) You should now see “Snapchat”, click it and voila! It should start downloading onto your device so follow the steps carefully!

5) Next, open up your APK file and allow the installation to take place!

6) Now you have Snapchat++ installed onto your Android device, open it up and log in using your Snapchat Username and Password.

If you followed our step-by-step guide above correctly, then you should now be a member of this wonderful community – congratulations! What’s more, is that now this Hacked Snapchat ++ is 100% safe from being flagged as ‘Inappropriate Content’ because it uses their official API. Enjoy all of the exciting features including unlimited daily Snaps! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How is this Snapchat ++ APK different from the official version?

A. Although it looks exactly the same, our Android app has some extra features that aren’t available on their official website! For example, unlimited daily Snaps and more! 🙂

Q. I’m having problems downloading Snapchat ++ APK onto my device!

A. Please do not worry because we have you covered! We have put together a step-by-step guide that will help you download & install our hacked APK file onto your Android device easily. If you are still having difficulties after following our guide, please comment in the box below so one of our staff members can help you out ASAP 🙂

Q. Can I use this application if I’m outside of the US?

A. Yes! You can use our app even if you’re not in America, please note that this is only available for Android devices!

Q. Do I need to root my device in order to use Snapchat ++ APK?

A. No, because this app uses their official API – there should be no problems whatsoever whilst using this application 🙂

Q. Is this 100% safe?

A. Definitely! We do not want to get anyone banned… That’s why we have created our own Snaphack (Snapchat++). It has all of the features like Tasks Mode and more without having any problems with Snapchat Terms & Conditions because it uses its official API. Happy Snapping everyone.


If you are tired of the extremely limited features on Snapchat ++, then don’t hesitate to download our App! It’s 100% safe and will give you unlimited daily Snaps. Enjoy 🙂

Hope you like this article about Snapchat ++ APK Download. If you want to download it, then visit our website for a complete step by – step guide on how to install it without any problems.

Hope you like this article about Snapchat ++ APK.

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