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Repelisplus APK v4.1 – Free Download For Andriod 2022

If you want to watch HQ movies and TV shows with subtitles in different languages, then RepelisPlus APK is the perfect tool. Moreover, it comes with a great UI design, making it favorable and straightforward to the user. Anyone with an Android device and internet connection can enjoy streaming videos and watching TV shows on it.

It is simple and also offers impressive features that make streaming videos more delightful than ever before. External players are not required because everything will take place on this app without any advertisements or other distractions while doing so. Proceed reading to get it installed on your device. 

App Info Repelisplus APK

App Name Repelisplus APK
Developer Piriform
Category Live TV and video streaming
Size48.6 MB
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

About Repelisplus APK

RepelisPlus is a platform that empowers users to stream and enjoys movies & shows online. Initial development was in the form of websites, but then it transformed into an app for a better user experience. The User-friendly of this cherishing live streaming app simplifies things so anyone can use it easily. Movie lovers will surely admire Repelisplus apk.

Features of Repelisplus APK

RepelisPlus APK is a game-changer in live TV streaming. Here are just some of the features that will make you happy:

1- Updated content

New free movies and TV shows are added every day to the Repelis Plus app. You are be entertained for hours on your smartphone, even with new content coming out with time.

2- Great Spanish learning platform

This Spanish language learning app will take you to a world of movies and TV shows in your native language. With an intuitive interface, deciding what to watch is simple.

3- Offline Mode

Watch TV, download videos to watch later—downloading is so easy. Interestingly, the app automatically downloads content for offline viewing in case you get disconnected from the internet.

4- Request for the content not available

The app is a great way to find new movies and series as the catalog grows every day. When they do not have what you are hunting for, they can send in requests. The best part is response time is super fast. 

5- Colossal options in the genre

The variety of films in RepelisPlus is wide and all-encompassing, with options for everyone’s taste. Whether you want to be thrilled by an action movie or laugh out loud at a comedy rom-com, it comes up with everything you need. 

6- Information of movies, shows, and actors

Do you want to find out more information about the film before watching it? Well, Repelisplus has got your back with a fantastic app. All actors and brief content descriptions are here for you.

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How to download Repelisplus APK?

You need to follow down the below-given directions to download this APK file on your Android device.

  • Ensure that your Andriod device is connected to a fast and secure internet 
  • The device should have an operating system Android 5.0 or above 
  • Click on the download button to launch the downloading procedure.

How to install Repelisplus APK?

Once you have got the APK file of the Repelisplus app on your smartphone, follow these steps to install I successfully:

  • Give your device authority to install those apps that are not from Google Play Store by tweaks in the settings
  • Open up the “File Manager” app of the smartphone and click on the APK portion 
  • You will get to see “RepelisPlus APK” click on it to install it 
  • Now, you are all set to enjoy TV show streaming of all countries in various subtitles for free 


1. Is Repelisplus APK free?

Yes, it is right installing mod apps can harm your device, but do not worry! You will be able to enjoy all of their charms without any risk with the RepelisPlus Apk. Moreover, this APK file has been tested by us and is 100 percent safe.  

2. Can I install this APK file on a PC?

RepelisPlus is an Andriod application that can be installed and used on an Android device. You can not directly install it on the desktop because they are not powered by Andriod OS. use the Andriod Emulator if you seriously want to enjoy the movies and Live TV streaming on your device. 

3. Why Repelisplus APK?

RepelisPlus is the latest streaming service offering all the benefits of an online entertainment platform without any monthly fees. It is effortless, affordable, and reliable. Apart from that, it automatically downloads the content you are watching before getting disconnected for any reason. 

Final Words

Repelisplus APK is the best free app to watch live sports and films without paying costly cable charges. So, what are you waiting for? Nothing is preventing you from enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies. Download now and start watching your favorite shows on any device!

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