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Pikashow Free Apk (Official) – Free Download (No Ads) 2022

Watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies is something you are most inclined towards. Nowadays, you have access to the free alternative of video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Your favorite TV channels are all under one roof, named Pikashow APK. Moreover, the users can also download content if they want to view it later, which is a plus.

What if you could have a complete library of films at your fingertips? You may not get the same experience as sitting down in a front-row seat, but it’s still great to be able to show off what all has been going on with friends and loved ones while scrolling through clips from any era. Pikashow free APK download will never disappoint because it does not demand a penny for what it provides.

App Info Pikashow Free Apk

App Name Pikashow Free Apk
Developer Piriform
Category Apps and Music
Size20 MB
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

Features Of Pikashow Free Apk

The eye-popping feature of the Pikashow app is the allows:

1- Multinational TV channels

Are you looking for an app that lets you view foreign TV channels? If yes, then Pikashow is meant for you because it offers links to media from all over the world. Moreover, the live streaming of all these international channels is in HD resolution imparting health effects on the viewer. 

2- Compatibility

This app is compatible with all devices which are Android 4.4 or beyond, which is remarkable. Both are smartphones, and tablets are compatible devices of Pikashow. Incredible, it takes nominal device memory that is why it runs smoothly on it without any lags. 

3- Variety of Genres

Depending on your taste you can choose films and TV shows of your own choice because it has an enormous content library in all genres. Additionally, users can choose from the collection of different subtitles when watching content in a nonnative language. 

4- Live Radio

Like Live streaming of channel Pikashow APK also has links of various live radio transmissions of multiple channels around the globe. Apart from that, this comes up with a responsive support system that replies quickly to users’ queries. It gives multiple streaming links. If one link is down, the user can go for the next one. 

5- User-friendly interface

The user interface of this application is very excellent and simple, helping the new user to find out their favorite TV shows and movies quickly. Besides that, there is detailed information regarding actors, TV shows, and genre making it an effortless platform for newbies. 

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How to Pikashow free apk download?

The following steps will help you download Pikashow APK for free:

  • Your Android device must have access to a stable, secure, and fast internet connection
  • Then ensure that you are going to download Pikashow free APK on a device with the operating system Android 4.4 or above
  • After that, click on the download button below to ensure that the download process gets started, which can take a few seconds.

How to install the Pikashow APK?

You have to follow these steps after downloading Pikashow APK on your device:

  • Permit device to install applications from sources other than Google Play Store 
  • Open up the File Manager and head off to the APK Files section, where you will get Pikashow APK. Click on it to start the installation process
  • Once installation gets completed, you will be all set to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies for free.


1. Is Pikashow available on Google Play Store?

Pikashow is not available on the play store because it comes up with a live streaming link of those paid channels that already exist in other on Google Play Store. Now the question arises, Is Pikashow worthless? The answer is big no because it offers a vast content library and live streaming of various TV channels worldwide.

2. Why is Pikashow APK not installed on my device?

If you downloaded the Pikashow APK file on your device but are unable to install it on your android device, then it can be due to the following reasons:

  • Your device’s operating systems are not compatible with the APK
  • Maybe your device is not permitted to install applications from unknown sources, especially APK files
  • If you are unable to fix the problem with the ways above, then the last option is to root your mobile device

3. Can I download live streaming of TV shows?

The significant aspect of Pikashow is it comes with a vast content library comprising movies, TV shows, and videos from all over the world. It offers live streaming of popular television channels, including sports channels. You can download the live streaming in the internal storage of your device credit goes to the Pikashow app. 

Final Words

Pikashow APK free download is the best solution for people who want to access age-restricted content without any hassles. Besides that, operating it for the first time will not be challenging for you, thanks to its simple and friendly UI. All the content there is downloadable, which means no need to wait impatiently for your favorite TV shows and movies from now on. So, download Pickashow APK for free instantly.

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