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First Mario game for Nintendo 64, in the thirty to forty hours lengthy campaign of Paper Mario the thousand year door ROM, Mario tries to save Princess. All he tries to rescue her by traveling the world, gather the seven crystal stars.

He explores numerous friends and enemies during his travel. Character switching and planning, self-defenses, movement along with members, joining of friends, and threat to enemies, all are on the way. 

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ROM Name

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door




Nintendo GameCube

Game Release

November 12, 2014


Role playing


Intelligent Systems, Nintendo

paper mario the thousand year door rom image

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM Walkthrough

This role playing game features the most famous character in the history of video games. Mario convinces characters to join him with his journey, all the characters will put valuable combat skills on the table. Characters have the ability of the self-up-gradation, after getting the upgraded character gains the attacking power and health scores.  You can also give the final combat moves for the extensive capabilities at the end of the game.

Sometimes Mario wills for the treasure and arising opportunities for the sake of proving himself and having a remarkable healthy career. Mario is the central strength and twist of the gaming party.

All things like badges, powers, battles, attacks, health points are for you if you have enough stamina to keep the Mario alive during the campaign. In paper Mario the thousand year door ROM, Mario gets up-gradation and level-ups by gaining a hundred points. He finds the new equipment to improve the hammer attacks.  

Mario’s attacking power and capabilities are the following: Spin jump, Spring Jump, Simple Jump, Hammer attack, Super hammer, and ultra-hammer.

By hitting the A button before the landing, you can use the jump attack to hit the opponent two times.

By getting the super boots, you’ll able to consume the spin jump. It adds more damage to attack as compared to the basic jump.

Spring jump of Mario has the worth ability to gave the harder hit than either of the prerequisite jumps. In paper Mario the thousand year door ROM, spring jump takes less time to land and the opponent will not have much time to make the defense. With less target time, you can give hard damage to the opponent’s head.

Hammer is the basic attack but comes with a drawback of not hitting it twice consecutively.

Super hammer is here to damage the front lines of opponents, it will give the light damage to the rare opponent group which lies behind the frontier line.

Ultra-hammer 4 FP is an extended version of a super hammer, gives the power shell ability. You’ll use it in a quiet emergency.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM Characters


First party member you’ll have. She is a useful member of the members throughout the game. She makes the attacking clone of Mario. Blessed with supplementary useful tactics. She learns new moves. Headbonk, Multibonk, Tattle, Rally Wink are her core attacks and abilities.


Having an attitude bummer, this character will prove itself. His stylish and fantastic attacks damage the group enemies. In paper Mario the thousand year door ROM, his attacks and abilities are shell toss, power shell, shell shield, and shell slam.


This name is not given by default, you can name it(him?) what name you want to give.  Speed and fight abilities are their primary claim. Mario will ride around it, which will speed up its movement. Ground pound, Gulp, Mini egg, Stampede are its core attacking abilities.

Some other characters of Paper Mario the thousand year door ROM are as follows: Vivian, Madame Flurrie, Admiral Boberry, and Ms. Mowz.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM Emulator

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Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Rom Download

Battle tactics in Paper Mario are not as tough as such in other role-playing video games. Indeed, you can decide which attack move you want to use or not to. In paper Mario the thousand year door ROM, special switches, planning the characters, self-defense, movements along with the party members, joining of friends, the threat of enemies that all appeal to the audience.

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