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Nekopoi APK VPN Latest Version – Free Download 2022

These days no one has time for recreational activities because of the robotic routine, which is toxic to both body and mind. Readily available means of entertainment are watching engaging content and having a chit-chat with random people over the internet. But popular entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tinder, and many others are expensive.

Nekopoi APK is an ideal option for freebies because it allows them to relish free content over it. Moreover, it is renowned for its comprehensive collection of anime videos that are good to watch in leisure. If you want to become an influencer, it is a great platform to post short videos and picture shorts. Continue reading if you wish to download it.

App Info Nekopoi APK

App Name Nekopoi APK
Developer Nekopoi
Category Video Streaming and Entertainment
Size10.3 MB
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

Features Of Nekopoi APK

The ravishing attributes of Nekopoi APK are the following:

1- Free to use

NekoPoi APK  is a free live streaming and social connection app that allows you to watch the latest videos from contributors for free. Unlike Tinder, Bigo Live, and many other similar category apps, it charges nothing for its offers if you want to have fun without spending money. 

2- Excellent UI

This application is effortless to use. The UI makes using this apk spectacular, as each menu option has an easily recognizable icon that allows you quick access and understanding of what actions will take place when clicked on them. Images are displayed to identify first-time users better so they can find out what they want.

3- Built-in Video Downloader

The NekoPoi app has an onboard download manager allowing the users to save live streams for offline viewing. The video player also supports maximum internet speed. So, the users can enjoy their favorite content on all types of connections without any hiccups or latency issues.

4- Private chats and video calls

Not only can you watch live streams of hosts and content creators, but you can also make friends and partners over this app. You can also have a chat and video calls with other users, making it a prime competitor of Tinder. One can also post pictures and videos to get fame to become an influencer. 

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How to download Nekopoi APK?

By following the under given steps, you will be able to download the APK file of the Nekopoi app successfully:

  • First of all, make it clear that your mobile has access to fast, secure, and reliable internet
  • The Operating System of the device must be Android 5.0 or above 
  • After making sure that the conditions mentioned above are satisfied, click on the download button
  • Be patent become downloading can take time solely depending upon the internet speed.

How to install Nekopoi APK?

Have you downloaded the Nekopoi APK file? If yes, then the below-given step will help you install it on your mobile device:

  • Go to the settings, make some tweaks, and allow the device to install applications from unknown sources
  • On your smartphone, there will be a File Manager app. Open it up and head off to the APK section
  • Now, there will be the APK file you have downloaded 


1. Is Nekopoi APK compatible with iOS devices?

Nekopoi APK is an Android application that you can install only on smartphones and tablets with Andriod OS. You can not install it on a platform other than Android, including iOS. But we can hope that soon this great application will be available for iOS device users. 

2. Can I use Nekopoi APK for free?

If you are hesitant to get Nekopoi APK on your smartphone/tablet because you think you have to pay for its remarkable features, then do not worry because it is free. You only need to install it on your device, and you will be able to chat with hosts and other users privately on this platform. 

3. Should I use VPN for the Nekopoi app?

You do not have to turn on the VPN to use Nekopoi. It has an integrated VPN, which automatically turns on when accessing the content from the restricted country. So you do not have to install substantial memory-consuming VPN apps to watch live streams from all over the world.

Final Words

Everyone wants to have a means of intimacy without sacrificing confidentiality which Nekopoi APK is providing efficiently. With this app, you can watch your desirable videos, web shows, and a lot more without any need for a VPN. Moreover, you do not have to root your device to download this delightful application, making it a worthwhile platform.

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