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Light X Shadow Apk Latest Version 2021 (Free Download)

Over the past few years, Android MOBA games have become increasingly popular, such as Mobile Legends and Heroes Arena. These games are commonly bored by players after such a long period of time. Here’s some information about a highly anticipated MOBA game called Light X Shadow Apk. This game is in the process of development and is expected to become popular in the future.

There is also a challenge mode where players must form a team of three players to defend the main setting in addition to classic 5v5 challenges. Manganime characters break all stereotypes associated with the Japanese manga genre; they appear more than 20 times throughout the story. Adding to the fun is the ability to customize both the look and skills of your heroes. Each of your heroes can also be linked to a pet (like a Pokemon) that relates to an element.

At the end of the year 2017, Electronic Soul released Light x Shadow APK. Several months after the game’s release, most gamers were impressed with it. Approximately one million downloads and 15,000 reviews have been recorded for the game on the Google Play Store.

Light X Shadow Apk App Info

App Name Light X Shadow
Developer Electronic Soul
Category Action/Adventure
SizeDepends on Device
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Version
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.1 and Up


Creating an excellent team in which you can include all your friends is the most important thing you can do. The graphics and effects in this game are breathtaking. This game also features entertaining gameplay.

The launch itself will proceed as usual with a ping of 500 because there will be no European server available in this case. The story starts off as if all that matters is swept aside. Almost anyone who loves gambling will find this game entertaining.

While the plot is quite interesting, as our heroes must face new enemies and complete many interesting tasks, there are also some new characters to meet. In addition to collecting coins, there are many interesting bonuses to be found in this game.

You have the option of playing more than 40 heroes. I find it even more fun, though, choosing a hero’s skills and appearance. Pets like pokemon can also be connected to it. You can also change the heroes while battling in the arena while using multiple skins.

The role-playing aspect of Ryun can be enhanced further by providing you with additional characters from the game. By providing a variety of characters and abilities, the game becomes even more enjoyable.

Each character has its own skills and styles, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Each character’s skills can only be mastered if you are familiar with them. The next update will also bring many new characters; there will be plenty of new ones to discover.

MOBA games allow you to choose the character you will fight as. Light x Shadow, on the other hand, allows you to switch characters and prevent your opponent from turning back, making the game more attractive.


High-Quality Graphics: When it comes to any game, graphics are one of the main aspects everyone is looking for. If you get the best graphics in the game, then you love to play the game all the time. For this reason, every developer pays close attention to this problem.

The same happens with this game. Light X Shadow offers you the best quality graphics, which attract millions of players from all over the world. So if you want the best graphics game, then it’s a perfect choice for you. 

Animation Style Game: It’s one of the best animation-style games, which offer you detailed characters that attract every gamer toward it. These animations keep you entertained all the time, so you will never get bored after playing his game for hours and hours. 

Different Heroes: In this game, you get 20 different types of heroes that make this game more interesting among the players. These heroes offer you different fighting skills and powers. Moreover, you can also upgrade the power of your heroes by purchasing from the store.

For this, you need to earn money in the game. It’s quite a difficult task, so it’s better if you download the mod version. This mod version comes with Unlimited money, which everyone can use without paying a single amount of money. 

Easy User Interface: If the user gets the difficult user interface, then I am 100%, it’s going to uninstall the game right away. I hope you also do the same when you find it difficult to use any game or app.

But when it comes to Light X Shadow, it’s not like that. This game offers you a simple and easy-to-use interface that keeps you safe from any hassle. So without wasting more time, let’s download this game right now for free. 

Simple Controls: Having a difficult control system is one of the hectic tasks. Most of the developers pay close attention to this problem. Because the controls and Graphics are one of the main reasons behind the success of any game.

This game offers you the best control system, which is easy to understand, even if you’re playing it for the first time or not. It’s quite easy for anyone to get started with it. You don’t even need to watch any video tutorial to learn the mechanism of this game. 

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How to Download and Install Light X Shadow Apk

Follow the below steps carefully if you want to download the APk file of this game. So without wasting more time, let’s get started:

  1. Just click on the Download Button given in the article, which will open a new Download Page for you.
  2. Again click on the Button given here, and within a few seconds, your file starts downloading on your phone.
  3. Once it finishes, open it and then tap on the install button. Make sure to allow all the permission required by the app.
  4. Now just go back to the home screen and play the game by double-clicking on the icon. 

Final Verdict

Furthermore, it features an animation style and a 3D design. You will certainly be impressed by its graphics. All images and musical effects of the game characters are very detailed. Its graphics are probably one of the most impressive aspects of the game.

Despite having many features that aren’t common in games, the game is overall very interesting. Just click on the Download button given in the arctic and start playing Light X Shadow Apk right now for free. 

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