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Talking about Instagram++. As we all know that social media apps are the number one priority these days. So here we have something very exciting called Instagram Plus which is also known as the Instagram Premium app. The best part is this app is not any ordinary app, it’s more than that.

It’s way better than the normal one and way optimized and extra featured than the normal version. It will be providing you some very fine quality features which you will not be getting ever in the original app.

This premium version will provide you some additional and bonus features which surely help you in making your experience not just good but way better than ever.


Now we will talk about the details and basic facts and aspects of the app and get to know about the minor and major details of it before downloading it.

What is Instagram++?

It is basically an app that is totally the same as original but has many additional features installed and built inside it which is not be available anywhere else.

It’s basically a tweaked version of the app for IOS users which unlocks additional features. It is built to provide everyone those features which the original app developers will not be providing you ever because of many different reasons.

This is why this tweaked version is built and you can easily download it on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak IOS devices.

Instagram Premium Features

There are many different features of this amazing app, you will surely love the app when you look and get to know about Instagram++ features. They all are listed below:

  • Save Features:
    You can easily save any sort of picture and videos directly from the app into your IOS mobile device without installing any other app.
  • Sharing Feature:
    You can easily share the videos from the app to any third party application directly without using or installing any other app.
  • Disable Stories:
    You can easily disable your and other people stories permanently inside the app.
  • Hide Comments:
    You can hide comments from your posts whenever you want and vice versa.
  • Disable Read Receipt:
    You can turn off the read receipt from your direct messages whenever you like to.
  • Change the View:
    You can easily change the view from the list view to the grid view and vice versa at any time you want.
  • Directly Find your Followings:
    You can find out directly who is following you and who is not by just going into their profiles, no hassle for searching.
  • Manually mark stories as seen:
    You can easily mark different people stories as seen which you don’t want to see.

Difference between Instagram Plus ios & Normal Version

The key difference between Instagram++ IPA and a normal one is that the tweaked versions have all the extra features unlocked and ready to use for you so that you cannot have to be bound to any specific thing while using the app.

On the other hand the normal version has the basic features only which you get while using the original app nothing new on the normal one.

How can we install Instagram++ on our IOS Devices (Jailbreak, Non-Jailbreak)

There are different apps and processes are there which will help you installing these tweaked apps on your IOS devices easily.

For non-jailbreak devices you have to install some third-party apps such as Cydia or AltStore to install the app and for jailbreak devices you can directly download the app from here and install it on the IOS devices for free.

Instagram premium mod APK

As we all concerned with the fact that people are searching for Instagram plus apk free download for their android mobile devices. The problem is that this version is only available for IOS users.

So if you want to download it for android devices you can find out on our homepage and search for MOD APPS to download it for free.

Some General FAQ’s

Q. What can Instagram++ do?

Ans. I have mentioned all the details about the features you can check out them all above.

Q. What is Instagram Plus Plus?

Ans. It’s a tweaked version of the original IOS app and it’s only for IOS users.

Q. Where can I download insta gram++?

Ans. We have provided you the link you can download it from the downloading part of our page which is below.

Q. Is there an Instagram++ for Android?

Ans. No there is no version for android, but you can download the MOD APK version from our website for free.

Download Premium Version

You can download the premium version and download it for free on your IOS devices. SO do it and Instagram++ free download is available for you below. Click on the button to begin the installation process.

Download Instagram++, Premium Version

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