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Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk 2020 for Android

Harry potter wizards unite apk having the inherited concept from Pokémon Go, instead of Pokémon, it has witches and wizards. This game uses augmented reality and location-based infrastructure. The primary theme play of the game lies in magical items, these are scattered and grabbed through the world by calamity event.

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harry potter: wizards unite

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June 21, 2019


Wizarding world


Augmented Reality, Location based Game


niantic, WB games

harry potter wizards unite apk

The users having the magic powers belong to the world named as muggle world. The magic users protect their magic and build secrecy from being discovered. They hide their appearance in the world. A special force, secrecy task force, defend the users. Users or players visit the real world, using spell magic hide their caste.

Wizarding Challenges and AR Encounters 

They discover various artifacts and mysterious characters. Encountering AR beasts, legendary characters, and all other things related to the harry potter universe. In harry potter wizards unite apk, players view the world through a smartphone screen. The basic model of the game is to fight with beasts. Players will be able to choose or elect their wizarding houses, wands, and professions.

The game account will require an avatar that brings the region base uniqueness. In harry potter wizards unite apk, players will travel the world to find the creatures, greenhouses, and fortresses. They unfound the creatures for energy spelling and fighting with wizards and beasts. Avatar moves within the game map, where ever you go it’ll keep track of your movement.


The player will be able to make him/herself as an official member of the wizarding society. To become the part of the secrecy task, harry potter wizards unite apk will help you to personalize your avatar with wizard inspired lenses, accessories, and other customizable features.  

As it is an inherited concept from Pokemon Go, the same as ministry identity will have a record of your walked distance, greenhouse visited, challenges won, wand weighing, and profession. Exploration of the real world, wizards’ locations, greenhouses and fortresses, magical traces, and encounters, all are waiting for the magical players to reveal them.

Ministry ID

The wand is a way to customize the character and represent your existence in the game. Wand choice doesn’t influence the mechanics and effect of the game at all.  Wand of harry potter wizards unite apk uses many cores for different aspects, core types are as follows: dragon hair, unicorn heartstring, feather wielder.

Portkey will help you to transport into greenhouses, there you can collect ingredients mentioned on the map. Expecting different circumstances, you will have various biomes. Weather conditions of harry potter wizards unite apk play a crucial role in the gameplay, according to the condition gameplay can be improved efficiently.

Port keys 

Portkey is everyone’s desired feature, it can be assumed as time travel. Designed by exclusive AR and VR, gives you a stunning experience. In harry potter wizards unite apk, you can transport yourself to explore the magic world and wizarding greenhouses.

Players can suddenly appear and reveal their identity with the help of this portmanteau. Players own the spell work. It donates the loyalty to the owner. The wand has diverse lengths because the length describes the personality of the magical user.   


Professions are the specialties of players by which they would be categorized to chase the wizards. Provided professions in harry potter wizards unite apk are as follows: Professor, Magi zoologist, and Aurar. Participants of different professions will work together to defeat the challenges and to unlock the ultimate features of the map.

Real-World Exploration

Wizard handling and achievement are rewarded as different badges’ collection. You can trace the opponent’s location frequently with tonic detection. Detection and spell energy features of harry potter wizards unite apk will appear on the map. You can unbundle and open a good number of gifts each day.

Poison Crafting 

Players will be triggered by magical traces to extract their spirit levels and encounter them. 360 degrees capturing in harry potter wizards unite apk will be displayed on the screen with advanced augmented reality. Various spells will cast the magic and confounding powers.

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