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Funimate Pro APK V11.20.1- (Pro Unlocked/No Watermark)

Funimate is a fun video editor for Android users. It provides various effects to make videos more interesting and engaging. Users can also upload their own clips or download other user-generated content, which makes it perfect for parties! And now, Funimate Pro APK is available for you with exciting features like the all-new video timeline.

So far as I know, Funimate is one of the best free video editor apps on Android. Just like any other movie editing app users can add photos and videos to their project and use a variety of special effects and music to make it more interesting.  Funimate allows importing personal clips and photos from a camera or gallery and then combining them together into one video using various trendy visual effects such as slow-motion, looping, time-lapse etc.

App Info Funimate Pro APK

App Name Funimate Video Editor
Developer AVCR Inc.
Category Video Players & Editors
Size70 Mb
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 5.0 and Up

Funimate Pro APK iOS

Cameras are not just for taking pictures. With the help of apps, users can edit their photos to make them look like they were taken at a professional studio. One such app is Funimate Pro. It has tons of features that allow users to turn everyday videos into fun and artistic pieces.

The best part is that it’s free! Although there is an in-app purchase if you want more editing tools, even without it, this app gives you great options for making your videos stand out from the crowd with its special effects and filters. While some other similar apps charge per filter or effect, Funimate offers everything free of cost so that everyone can enjoy it on equal footing! All said and done; download Funimate APK iOS today.

Funimate Pro APK For Android Description:

Funimate Pro APK Download is a fantastic video editor app for android. It is an entertainment service for fun videos created by people around the world and has become the largest global community of mobile editors since its release in April 2016. Show your special effects on your favourite moments, musical concerts, sports events, travel destinations etc with friends.

This app provides various effects that can be used to make your video more attractive and entertaining! Users can also upload their own clips or download user-generated content from other users, which makes it perfect for parties! And now with Funimate PRO Latest Version, you are able to have all the features you wanted plus even more features planned so read our article given below and know more about it.

Funimate Pro iOS Description:

Funimate is a free video editor for everyone. You can be a Youtuber or simply want to have fun with your family videos, Funimate has it all. It is one of the best tools for making comedy home videos and even offers an exciting challenge where you can compete against other users in real-time! With thousands of effects in Funimate PRO Download, tons of video stickers and GIFs, quick editing tools and more, Funimate will let you introduce professional style movie effects into your regular iPhone videos.

The best part about this app is that unlike most other similar apps which charge per effect; each and every tool offered by Funimate remains free forever when you download it from iTunes or Google Play Store.

Besides, there are tutorials in the form of videos that you can watch within the app itself to inform yourself about what each tool does. Funimate is not just for inserting effects into your videos; also allows users to add stickers like emoji, frames, etc. And lastly, recording scenes from everyday life is extremely easy with Funimate’s built-in stabilizer feature which ensures high-quality output every time!

Features of Funimate Pro APK:

Create videos with fun effects

Funimate has various, high-quality effects that can be added to your video clips or photos easily. These include slow-motion, looping, time-lapse etc. You can also add your personal music or extract it from other user-generated content. All of this makes Funimate a perfect tool for parties!

Time-Lapse Feature

You must have this feature in any other video editor or movie maker otherwise it will feel incomplete. With this feature, you are able to set the time-lapse speed of specific clips in the timeline where you want it to be slow or fast. So, overall if you are looking for an app that is not only simple but also provides amazing features then Funimate Pro APK is perfect for you!

Watch, download and share fun videos with friends

With Funimate Pro For Android, you can stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your friend circle. Watch other users’ fun video clips or download them to add them to your own creations. This makes it even more exciting!

Express yourself with special effects!

Funimate provides various, high-quality effects. These include slow-motion, looping and time-lapse etc. All of these can be added in a very simple manner to make your photos and videos look awesome!

Add your favourite music to videos

You can easily add any of your personal songs or extract them from other user-generated content. Funimate has more than 40 million tracks, so you’re definitely going to find the music that fits perfectly with your video!

Community-powered effects and music library for endless options!

With every update, more special effects are added to the community-driven library of effects and sounds. This lets you create amazing videos by combining different genres into one single video. Share these awesome creations with other users on Funimate’s main page or social media platforms. You can also save projects as a draft if you want to finish later. In case your project stops because your app closes, we will save it as a Draft for you.

Upload your own videos or photos

Now you can upload your own clips or download user-generated content from the community to get the most out of Funimate. You will have access to thousands of different video moments, including concerts, sports games, travel destinations etc.

Add your personal touch with customisable templates!

Funimate Pro 2021 APK has a whole range of templates you can alter and add effects to, so users have many different looks to choose from when editing their clips. It is simple and very quick to use these templates for creating high-quality videos in just a couple of clicks. There are also lots of fun stickers that can be combined into any photos or videos. The app’s rich sticker collection will help users get the exact effect they want without having to spend hours trying to achieve it themselves.

Video Trimmer Tool

A video trimmer tool is included in Funimate which enables users to cut and merge their videos and photos easily. If you want to make a short video from a long one or add different parts of different videos together, then this feature will be helpful for you!

New effects every week

The community-driven library for special effects and sounds gets updated regularly, so you can enjoy the latest effects when editing your clips.

Simply select the part of your video that you want to trim and our software does the rest for you. You can even use it to remove ugly or unwanted people or objects from your shots. After editing the trimmer tool doesn’t change anything in your original clip and lets you use it as much as you want.

Merge different video parts together

With this tool, there is no need to use other apps to add the fragments of your videos together because you can do it all in one go! The trimmer tool lets you cut and join clips effortlessly. However, please note that if you want a perfect match between two videos then editing by hand will be more helpful for you.

Unique Video Timeline for videos editing

Funimate MOD Download unique video timeline will help you to make a perfect cut at the right moment while watching your videos. This feature lets you easily create awesome highlight clips from your videos and rearrange their order in a simple manner by dragging and dropping them. It is very useful when it comes to adding visual effects, removing unnecessary parts of the video or simply changing the order of a few moments with just one click. All this makes Funimate an awesome app! Videos can be shared on most popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

After sharing, you can always edit or delete your videos because they are saved as drafts for 30 days. That’s what makes it the perfect app for creating quality content and building followers!

Funimate Pro APK iOS:

Real-time Video Challenges: Funimate has a built-in challenge feature. Here users can submit videos and let the community vote for them to win real prizes!

Automatic Video Fx: Funimate automatically generates effects suitable for your video. It is easy, fast and saves more editing time than ever before.

Create Music Videos with professional movie styles: Make your music look just like it does in the movies with thousands of stunning filters that are specifically designed for any beat or sound imaginable!

Customize Your App Experience With Unique Filters & Stickers: Decorate your photos and videos using thousands of stickers including popular brands such as Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, Spongebob & much more. Apart from this, there are tons of filters too to

Make Amazing Music Videos: Funimate allows you to turn songs in your mobile library into entertaining music videos with custom filters, themes and stickers. This lets you create fun videos and share them with your family and friends.

No Watermark: Funimate does not add annoying watermarks to the videos that it makes for users, unlike other similar apps which do so in order to generate money.

Over 15 Video Themes: This app has many themes like Film, K-pop, Fall etc., each giving a unique style to your video thus making them look more entertaining than ever before!

Save & Share Your Videos Instantly: You can save your amazing videos directly on your phone or any storage device and let the world see them through social media like Facebook and Instagram with Download Funimate APK For iOS. Or simply upload your creations on Funimate’s very own platform and show them off to the world!

Unlimited Video Length: Unlike most other similar apps which restrict videos to be up to one minute; Funimate allows users to make as long a video as they want with no time limit whatsoever!

Stunning Effects: With Funimate, it is easy to edit videos in a way that conveys the emotions of the video using plenty of visual effects.

Change Faces Easily: Change faces easily, unlock new customization items for free! This feature replaces the old face changer option by enabling users to change half face or full face images on their videos effortlessly.

Access Slow Motion Videos On Demand: Funimate has an amazing slow-motion video editor app that gives users access to slow-motion footage at any point during their creation process. You can make over 150+ cool slow-mo styles within seconds!

Face Tracking: Funimate has amazing face-tracking technology. You can track and change facial expressions in real-time.

Live Streaming: With the latest update, users now have access to live streaming features! This feature allows you to stream videos on Facebook; YouTube; Kakao TV; Periscope; Twitch and more.

Video Editing Made Easy: The best part about this Latest Version Funimate PRO iOS is that editing your videos only takes a few taps as itโ€™s very easy to use. All you have to do is select a video from your gallery or record one right from within the app itself.

You can simply edit the colour tone for any video by swiping your finger horizontally over the screen which gives a cool fade effect before adding effects and stickers etc., all of which you can do effortlessly. This app gives you tons of options to create your own personalized videos and share them on any social media platform of your choice!

Funimate is an amazing new way for everyone to turn their videos into something special. Whether you are looking for inspiration or just want your friends and family members to laugh at your silly antics, it has everything you need! Get the latest version of Funimate APK iOS now.

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How To Download & Install Funimate PRO APK For Android?

Step 1: First of all, Download Funimate PRO APK from the button below in the article.

Step 2: Then install it normally like other apk apps.

Step 3: Done! Enjoy using Funimate Pro on your Android Device ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Download & Install Funimate PRO APK iOS?

Step 1: First of all, click on the button below to safely download Funimate PRO APK iOS.

Step 2: Now enter your email address and password.

Step 3: Wait for a few minutes till it asks you for permission (which will only be visible if you are using this app on an android device).

Step 4: Click on install after granting permission.

Step 5: Now go to the home screen and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is Funimate PRO APK?

A: It’s a video editing app for Android, iOS and PC devices.

Q2: How can I download Funimate PRO APK For Android?

A: It’s very easy! Just click on the Download Button below. With our provided single, fast, secured and direct download link. Also, If you have any problem downloading or installing then just comment below or contact us. We will help you as soon as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: Is this Funimate PRO APK Safe?

A: Yes! It’s 100% safe to use it. In fact, it’s officially downloaded by more than 10 Million+ People from all over the world!

Q3: What is the minimum version of Android required to run Funimate?

A: The current version of Funimate requires Android 4.0 or higher. However, please note that it may work with earlier versions of Android too but this has not been tested.

Q4: Will I be able to download videos like I can on my PC using an android emulator?

A: Currently the app only allows you to save your finished videos onto your device itself; you will need an actual computer to download the videos that you create on the emulator.

Q5: What are some features that are unique to iOS devices?

A: There are no features exclusive for iPhones and iPads yet; however, there are some features that might not be available on other Android devices such as the ability to change faces easily and live streaming.

Q6: Where can I download Funimate APK iOS?

A: You can download it from here!

Our review of this app is that it has a very simple interface which makes creating videos much easier. It also comes with a lot of great effects and effects presets to create high-quality videos. This is one of those apps that gives you so many features for free, making it worth your time. All in all, pretty impressive stuff from the developers at Funimate!


I hope you all enjoyed this article about Funimate PRO APK latest Apk Download For Android, iOS & PC. Share it with your friends and help them in downloading and installing it easily. If you have any problem or issue while downloading or installing Funimate PRO APK then just comment below! We are here to help you out at the earliest ๐Ÿ™‚

Funimate 2021 iOS Download has improved a lot over the years but we believe that thereโ€™s still room for improvement and new features like face tracking, slow motion video editing and live streaming should be added in this latest version. The app is available now on iTunes as well as Google Play Store; so, make sure to go ahead and download it now to try it out yourself!

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