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Drastic DS Emulator Apk – Free Download 2021

What’s up, guys? Are you looking for the download link of the Drastic DS Emulator app, which is 100% from any virus and malware? If yes, then Look no further; this article is for you! Because in this article, I am sharing the Direct Download of Drastic DS Emulator Apk with you.

Nintendo DS games can be played at astounding speeds with the DraStic DS Emulator. Moreover, it provides a three-dimensional gaming experience, making this emulator stand out from the rest.

A handheld console manufactured by Nintendo and marketed as the DS stands for Dual Screen (Dual Screen). It was very popular in America during 2004. You have the option of playing games using a touch screen and a button screen, as there are two LCD screens.

In this article, I am going to describe the Drastic DS Emulator created by Exophase. On Google Play Store, there have been over one million downloads, demonstrating its tremendous popularity. With your mobile phone, you can play all your favorite Nintendo DS games! Excited? Read on!

Play DS games directly on your Android device with Drastic DS Emulator Apk, an award-winning DS emulator. Whether the DS screen is in portrait or landscape mode, you can also customize the arrangement and size. Other emulators do not offer high-resolution functionality, which makes this emulator unique.

Drastic DS Emulator Apk App Info

App Name Drastic DS Emulator
Developer Exophase
Category Emulator
Size Varies with Device
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Version
Price Free
Require Android Android 4.1 and Up


A great Nintendo DS emulator for Android is DraStic DS Emulator Apk. This application was developed by Exophase House, which falls under Emulator Category. It is a free application, so it is readily available for download free on the Android platform. In order to provide players with a lot of valuable and exciting experiences, this application has been updated and improved significantly. Multi-device play is available for the Nintendo DS game here.

It’s an excellent app, full of engaging gameplay and amazingly realistic controls. Playing portable consoles together with your friends will be a lot more fun with this emulator app. You can play all of these games using a smartphone used to connect to the Nintendo DS console from this list. 

It is a miracle and a breakthrough for Nintendo game lovers. Their favorite console games can now be played directly on smartphones! Nintendo DS emulators lack the speed to compete with real Nintendo DS games, especially when it comes to performance. In contrast, you only need the DraStic DS Emulator if you want to emulate your Nintendo DS. You can learn more about its features in this article if you’re curious about this app.

Among the most helpful features for gamers is full support for add-ons and the Fast forward emulation screen. For this reason, DraStic Emulator is renowned throughout the world because of the developer that constantly updates its features. Thus, this app is in great demand among players who love gaming on emulators.

Features of Drastic DS Emulator Apk

Support Gamepad: Playing games on a gamepad is always a better experience than with a touch screen. DraStic DS Emulator also supports gamepads. Connecting a Gamepad to a device makes it possible to play games.

Neither lag nor issues with remapping will be apparent. A few Bluetooth gamepads are supported right now, including Moga, Xperia Play, and NVIDIA SHIELD. 

Full Customization: You may be unfamiliar with the Nintendo DS’s two screens. They each perform different functions when you play a game. When you use a multi-screen device such as the Nintendo DS, DraStic can support dual monitors.

This approach will make the split-screen vertical and allow you to rotate it horizontally if you decide to do so. Using a large screen tablet or phone, you can set up the screens vertically. The Nintendo DS can also be used in this way, eliminating the sacrifice of quality video games!

User Interface: Play your favorite Nintendo games without fear of third-party apps! You can configure the game experience to meet your specific needs with the DraStic DS emulator. With a single tap, all the functions of this keyboard are available.

Moreover, the controls are easy to use and responsive, so there is no need for extensive customization. DS Emulator has already taken care of everything for you, so there is nothing for you to worry about!

Game Backup: You lose your progress if you restart the game if the current game progress is not saved. DraStic DS Emulator APK allows you to backup and restore the collection of your DS games.

Playing on a regular basis determines whether your progress is automatically saved. Consequently, the game will never lose any progress. The previous game saves can be restored, and you will be able to pass the level easily if you need to replay levels.

Add codes: The good news is that DraStic also supports action replays if you’re getting bored with the usual gameplay. You can take advantage of these codes when it makes sense to do so in order to add to the excitement of the game.

They allow you to bypass difficult stages easily instead of replaying the same ones over and over again.

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How to Download and Install Drastic DS Emulator Apk

  1. Click on the Download Button given in the article, which will open a new page for you.
  2. Here you again get the Direct Download Button. Click on that, and within a few seconds, the Drastic DS Emulator app starts downloading on your phone.
  3. Once it finishes, open File Manager and then open the apk file.
  4. Now just tap on the Install button to install it on your phone. 


  1. Is the DraStic emulator the best for DS or not?

This is the best Nintendo DS emulator at the moment, according to DraStic. I tested it against a variety of games, and it played all of them. Most games function properly, but there are probably a few exceptions.

2. Is it Safe to Download Drastic DS Emulator Apk?

Yes, you can download it without any worry. This apk file is 100% free from any kind of virus and malware, so it’s not going to affect your phone. Moreover, it’s 100% free to download from our website. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download it right now!

Final Verdict

People of that generation missed Nintendo DS consoles during their golden age. We can play the popular DS game ROMs on our smartphones using DraStic DS Emulator APK, which lets us play DS games on Android. Using the DraStic DS Emulator, you can play classic games together with your friends and have a blast in your free time.

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