Download AppFlix for Smart TV 2019 | Exclusive Guide

Movie lovers are always craving for their favorite movies, a special thanks to AppFlix for smart tv. It is an application that is developed so that all users of Android devices can have a free alternative to watch movies and watch online series n alternative to Netflix. You don’t need to pay for a subscription anymore that is usually quite expensive. Luckily, you can download AppFlix for Smart TV, because it gives you the advantage of playing the contents in these.

With AppFlix you can enjoy all the content very well separated by categories and you can also download it to enjoy it and play it on Smart TV without the need of internet. This is one of the advantages, as well as being in Spanish. Guess what? You don’t have to register for it to use.

Appflix for smart tv

Its using process is very simple, you just have to choose the movie or series that you want to watch and simply play it. You will not have difficulties to enjoy the premieres of the cinema, but if you want you are a fan of old movies, AppFlix has a large library with thousands of movies available.

Now, after reading all these great features of appflix, you must be wondering how to use it on your smart tv? There is no rocket science in it and it’s really easy to do this. Let’s just check out how to use appflix on smart tv.

Well, appflix for smart tv is one of the best app to watch all of your favorite content but you have to be super careful about the app and use it at your own risk as this is a third party application and harming your device may not be in your favour.

How to see Appflix on Smart tv?

To be able to use AppFlix with Smart TV, the first thing we must do is to have downloaded AppFlix on our Android devices. If you have it in others, you must have downloaded the emulator, followed by the application. When you have completed this process, you must continue with each of the steps that we will show you so you can send the videos to your TV.


  • The first thing you should do is visualize if your Smart TV has an internet connection. If so, you can mirroring.
  • You must click on the icon on the top right and you can connect with your Smart TV. This way you can send your movies and series through AppFlix.
  • Download appflix for smart tv
  • Remember that you must be connected to Wifi, the same as your TV.
Without Internet:
Without Internet: If you do not have internet you can use the Chromecast, this device is affordable and you can buy it in online sales pages. And so you can perform the same steps to send your movie or series as in the previous one.

How to install Appflix apk on your Smart tv?

To download APK AppFlix for Smart TV and install it, you must purchase an Android Box. It is the way to have Android and thus be able to have the application on your smart TV. Followed by this you must download the application through this link.


Remember that because you cannot download from Google Play, you must go to settings, followed by security and select “unknown sources”. When you activate it, you can start the process, remember that you must reject all the permissions.


When you have finished this process, look for the categories that you want to watch and play on TV. When you select the trailer and the synopsis, you must select “Play”, then select the server that suits you and place the language. When you have finished selecting “play video”.


We have tried our best to tell you how you can watch your favorite stuff by using appflix with your smart tv. By this way you can see the movie, series and content available on your Smart TV. It is a more comfortable way to enjoy online cinema, totally free. You have all the options that are available in the library.

If you are facing any kind of issues while installing or using appflix you can comment below, we will get back to you as soon as earlier.

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