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BlackMart APK Download Latest Version 2022 [Updated]

BlackMart apk is an Android market, which can be used to download paid apps for free. It has a big range of applications and games including the latest ones. The app is very easy to use and it doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge in order to work with it. 

If you want to get access to all the premium stuff, BlackMart is what you need! 

Here we will take a look at how this app works and whether there are any hidden dangers connected with using it. 

We will also try to answer some of your questions about installing and using BlackMart in order for you to not lose your time trying it out by yourself. You can find more information below! So keep reading if you want to know everything about Blackmart.

App Info BlackMart APK

App Name BlackMart APK
Developer Piriform
Category Apps
Size50 Mb
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

BlackMart Description:

BlackMart APK For Android is an app that allows you to download paid apps for free. This application is very easy to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge in order for you to work with it. 

Using the BlackMart app will give you instant access to a big range of apps, games and other content including the latest titles directly on your smartphone or tablet. It has more than 10 million downloads so far, which means that many people are already using it successfully.

Note: Some websites claim that this market contains pirated content but there is no evidence of this at all (at least they didn’t provide us with any). You can find out more about these accusations below or on their forums. 

BlackMart APK Features:

Free To Use: The app is completely free to use and doesn’t require any special skills in order for you to get it working.

Instantly Available: The app has a big range of apps and games including the latest ones. Every day new titles are added and some apps become unavailable (temporarily).

Safe To Use: We did some research about BlackMart’s safety online and we didn’t find any proof that this market contains pirated content. Also, there were no complaints from users that their accounts got hacked or anything like that after using it. All these mean that the Download BlackMart APK is 100% safe to use.

Frequent Updates: The market is being updated quite frequently. Every day new content gets added and some apps get removed.

App Searching: If you are looking for a specific application, game or movie poster, you can search it directly in BlackMart APK.

No Need To Change Or Root Your Device: The app doesn’t require advanced phone skills in order to work with it. Also, there’s no need for rooting your device or changing its OS (unless it’s really necessary).

Large Range Of Content: BlackMart APK has more than 10 million downloads so far which means that many people are already using it successfully (and they like it). 

All Available Categories: BlackMart is a complete market containing almost every category you can think of. This means that you will find all the apps/games for free!

Automatic Installation: If you want to download a paid app for free, all you have to do is find it in BlackMart and tap on its icon. The installation process will start automatically.

Easy To Use: In order for you to get access to premium apps using BlackMart APK, all you have to do is follow the instructions from our tutorial below. It only takes a few minutes until your device gets completely set up!

Huge Collection Of APPS & Games: BlackMart is a complete market containing all kinds of apps and games that you can imagine. This means that you will easily find exactly what you are looking for!

No Extra Permissions Needed: All the permissions that BlackMart APK requests are needed for its correct performance.

No Annoying Ads: The app doesn’t contain any ads (except for the ones on Google Play Store). This means that you won’t get disturbed during your work with it or experience any kind of discomfort after using it!

Update Notifications: As soon as the app gets updated, you will be notified. This means that you can always download the latest versions of paid apps for free!

What’s New:

BlackMart APK is constantly being improved and new features are getting added all the time! Some of them include: 

A choice between downloading free apps/games or purchasing them directly from Google Play Store.

Note: The link to Google Play Store is available at the home screen of the app only. So if it doesn’t show up, just close BlackMart using Android Task Killer and then restart it again (please note that we don’t really recommend this method but it still works). A complete tutorial about how to use BlackMart so you can find some great apps.

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How To Download & Install BlackMart App Store?

Downloading BlackMart is a simple process that will take just a few minutes of your time (depending on the device you are using).

In order for you to download and use BlackMart Latest Version Download successfully, please follow our instructions from below:

1) Go To Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources (this allows installation of apps outside Google Play Store).

2) Now go back and access the Device’s main menu.

3) Look for an icon called File Manager. Tap on it and choose “Downloads” (this takes you directly to another screen where your files can be found).

4) Access the Downloads folder and tap ‘BlackMart.apk’.

5) Wait for the installation to finish (it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds).

6) Once it’s done, open BlackMart APK using any file browser you have on your device. The app will now start automatically!

Note: If the app doesn’t work properly, just restart your smartphone/tablet and try again (please note that you should use this method as a last resort).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I download BlackMart?

The download process is simple and fast (in most cases it takes up to five minutes). Please access the Device’s main menu, find the File Manager icon and then navigate to Download. Next just tap on the BlackMart APK file that you will find there. If for some reason the app fails to work properly after the installation, please restart your device and try again.

2. Is BlackMart safe to use?

Yes! The app doesn’t request any special permissions or contain annoying ads which means that its performance is guaranteed (furthermore, every update comes with bug fixes so you don’t have anything to worry about).

3. Do I need ROOT/CUSTOM ROM to use it?

No! BlackMart works with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices (apart from that, you should know that it can be used on all Android versions).

4. I cannot download the app using my smartphone/tablet?

As mentioned previously, BlackMart APK Latest Version can be downloaded directly through your device’s main menu (access Downloads to find it).

5. Can BlackMart APK get banned?

Banning an app like this is impossible because its developers make sure to avoid any kind of suspicious activity while developing new versions (furthermore, they constantly update it so there’s no risk of getting banned). Thus, if you install the latest version of BlackMart, you will have nothing to worry about.

6. Is it illegal to use in my country?

No idea! We very much doubt that using a simple app like this is a crime in any way but please keep in mind that we can’t give you an exact answer because every country has its own laws and regulations (thus, the final responsibility belongs to you). 

If you want our opinion then it’s safe to say that if you live in a modern country which follows the legislation of the European Union or tries to do so, there’s no problem at all with using it.


Downloading and installing BlackMart Latest APK Download is a simple process that will take less than 5 minutes (depending on your device). To make sure that everything works smoothly, we kindly recommend you to follow the instructions from above.

You should know that using this app is 100% legal and even though it may be considered ‘undesirable’ in some countries, we still recommend you to download it if you want to get all your favourite paid apps for free (just please don’t abuse it or you could end up with an account termination like what happened to Google Play Developer Console).

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, BlackMart APK 2021 cannot be directly downloaded from Google’s official website because its developers constantly remove submitted user reviews so you can only access it through the links that we have provided. 

Also, if you want to share this article on your personal website or blog then please link back to our official page as it’s a way of supporting us (we really appreciate that!)


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