BeeTV APK V3.0.2 Latest Version – Free Download 2022

BeeTV is a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices that lets you watch all the TV shows, movies, and content you love in one place. You can even download videos to watch later, especially when you have no internet access. In this post, I will give you an honest review of BeeTV APK, including what it offers and how well it works.

BeeTV is a great way to cut the cord if you want satellite or cable but are hesitant because of colossal pricing. It is also perfect for catching up on your favorite shows without waiting until they are released on Netflix or Hulu Plus. If you want to stream your favorite TV shows and movies all over the world, then proceed with the reading.

App Info BeeTV APK

App Name BeeTV APK
Developer Piriform
Category Live Streaming
Size15.4 MB
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

Features of BeeTV APK

BeeTV APK is the latest variant of this application. It not only lets you stream movies and shows. Interestingly, it also has a few additional features that make it even better! Here are some:

1-Thousands of Titles

Are you tired of waiting for hours and paying an arm and a leg to see your favorite movie? The BeeTV app has got you covered. Its revolutionary service features thousands of titles that are broken into categories, such as classic movies (Hitchcock, Eastwood), modern hits tv series like Breaking Bad or Orange Is the New Black. 

With this innovative finder tool, anyone can search through all publicly accessible links on YouTube/Netflix, etc., without having been surfing around trying to figure out where they were initially posted. Amazingly, there is a vast collection available at any given time, thanks to regular updates in content.

2- Option to download

BeeTV offers an excellent feature for offline viewing! Download videos with one click and watch them anywhere. This is particularly beneficial if you do not like to connect constantly while watching your favorite movies or shows on Bee TV.

A unique service that the app provides its users are downloads of video content in full HD quality. It means you can enjoy your favorite videos without needing equipment like smartphones plus an internet connection at all times. After downloading the content, you can watch it on your laptop or PC as well. 

3- High-resolution picture streaming

The HD videos on this app have a higher resolution, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without sacrificing quality. This means that it will use fewer data to stream the video instead of downloading an entire high-definition file which could take up lots of storage space. 

BeeTV APK offers HD resolutions for most movies and tv shows on it. Now, no more subpar qualities when streaming your lovable TV shows and movies. You also have an option for what resolution would be best if saving data since there are two different types: 1080p or 720p.

4- Chromecast compatible

With this app, you can now cast your device to Chromecast and enjoy watching movies or shows on a bigger screen than ever before. You would not have to suffer through small screens anymore, thanks to its incredible casting feature. Just connect it using TV, select what show/movie from the Google Play store library you want, and you are done. 

It not only allows users to send their phone’s display output wirelessly across physical barriers. Moreover, it also lets them beam content directly onto TVs via other digital devices such as laptops and tablets.

5- Wide range of Genres

BeeTV is a one-stop-shop for any genre of film. It has tons to choose from, including horror movies with different subgenres like slasher or splatterpunk. Apart from that, there are also action flicks if you want them thrill-paced and comedy classics and romance tales that will turn your mood off into happiness.

This streaming app offers up some serious cinema and an array of other genres like sports. You can stream sports channels in large gatherings using a firestick which will be a mesmerizing adventure. 

6- No need to create an account

How to use it? Get started by downloading BeeTV APK right from here. Then, open it up “Watch TV Online ” and choose your show.  The sunny side is that there is no need to sign up. So you can watch any movie or show without giving your credentials.

BeeTV takes care of everything for you in this revolutionary new way to stream content online. The input doesn’t make sense because the output was written like an ad. 

7- Trailers and Watchlist

With the new update, you can watch movie trailers straight from BeeTV. You no longer have to use third-party apps such as YouTube for this purpose. Its capability to add movies and shows on a list will make it easier than ever before. So, you will not be bored while waiting in between episodes or watching them all together. To be honest, no one wants to waste their leisure time.

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How to download BeeTV APK?

Follow these steps to download BeeTV APK:

  • Make sure that you have a mobile device with a compatible operating system which is Android 5.0 and above, or iOS 8 and above if you are an iPhone user
  • The device must have access to secure and fast internet 
  • Click on the download button to kick start the BeeTV APK download.

How to install BeeTV APK?

Follow these steps after downloading the APK file on your device to install it:

  • Grant your device access to install apps from unknown sources as you are not installing an app from Google Play Store or iStore
  • Open up the File Manager app on your device and click on the APK section 
  • Then here you will find out BeeTV APK file click on it to install it 
  • Enjoy the endless video streaming without signing up and paying a single penny 


  1. How to install BeeTV APK on PC?

Firstly, you need to understand that the BeeTV app is made for mobile devices which can not be installed directly on your desktop. Still, there is a way to install this app on your PC, which is via Android Emulator. The Android Emulator creates an Android virtual environment on the PC to download and install any smartphone app on your desktop.

2. Is live streaming on BeeTV APK ads free?

No, because BeeTV offers a live streaming service for free to anyone that has BeeTV installed. You can watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and even live TV broadcasts with BeeTV on your phone for free. The app developer earns by displaying ads on this app that are not lengthy and annoying. 

3. Can I watch content for free on BeeTV?

All the content available on the BeeTV media library including HD quality live streaming are absolutely free for all. The only thing you need to do is to open the app and watch your favorite shows, movies, and streaming of sports channels without spending anything else. 

Final Words

Stop getting bored and start using Brasil TV APK now. You can install it on your mobile device by going through the above-given installation process. Cast it to a TV utilizing Chromecast and save the huge amount you are paying to your cable provider. It is time for you to enjoy all of your favorite TV shows and movies live from BeeTV. Download it and be merry.

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