AppFlix Premium for Android – APK Download 2019

AppFlix premium for Android is an application that provides free internet TV for Android, or in simple words a free streaming app.

Streaming of what?

Wait, let me explain it in detail. We all know how fast Netflix is growing, and its shows are so addictive.

You must be thinking about what Netflix has to do with Appflix? Well, you know Netflix has a monthly subscription that you have to pay in order to watch your favorite movies, shows, and other digital content.

What if I tell that you can watch all your favorite Netflix stuff for free? Yes absolutely for FREE!

appFlix premium for android

What is Appflix?

Appflix is basically an app that lets you watch your favorite series, shows, and movies for free. This heavenly awesome app is developed by “ioob”

It is so simple and easy to use with a minimal user interface so that you will have no issues in using the app. One of the biggest plus of this app is, it provides the latest stuff time to time for free.

Isn’t it’s AWESOME? It definitely is.

You can download appflix and read the extensively written guide about appflix premium for android by heading to our homepage!

Features of Appflix:

  1. You can watch your favorite shows in dubbed as well. Instead of watching it with subtitles, it’s a good option to watch it in dubbed. Why? Because when you watch it with subtitles, you have to divert your focus from the show to subtitles and vice versa.
  2. appflix premium for android is a professional app that provides everything for free, it will have all the information about the show you are watching, searching for. For example, it will have ratings, length of the show and description. You can have an idea from this feature how awesome this app is and how deeply they are committed to providing VALUE to their users.
  3. Now, I am going to mention my personal favorite thing about the app. appFlix premium for android will enable you to download your favorite movies, shows to watch them later or watch on the go. It’s a big plus of the app that convinced me to start using the app. Now I can watch my favorite Netflix stuff on the way when I am away from the home or on a trip.

AppFlix Premium for Android

You might have used the basic app that was available on Google Play Store once, unfortunately, it’s not available on the Play Store anymore. Well, Appflix has two versions of it, one is a simple appflix app and one is appflix premium for android.

We have already discussed the simple version of the appflix app, now the question is what is appflix premium for android?

Well, the premium version of the app is not very different from the simple app and almost have the same features like the simple one.

You can install the appflix premium app on Amazon FireStick, Fire TV or cast it to your smart TV or MAC.


We have tried our best to let you know each and everything about the appflix premium for android and simple appflix app. Did you get any questions? Please comment below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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