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Apex Legends Apk 1.1.1 2020 Free Download & Latest Walkthrough

Apex legends apk game is a combo of Battle Royale and Shooter Style scene. Players, numbers more than a half-century, are landed onto a ground where they do loot and get weapons while fighting with other soldier gamers. Robotic opponents are forced to fight with humans. Teams are divided into pairs of twenty.

Three squads take place in fighting through the map. This game is not the same as Titanfall though, so don’t expect wall-running, double jumping or another similar mechanism.  Fans of Titanfall will be much amazed after experiencing the gunplay of the apex legends.

Now if you have been hiding under a rock for the last years and have no idea what Battle Royale is, then just give Apex Legends a try.

Apex legends apk - appflixapk

Apex legends start its paradigm after the thirty years’ events of Titanfall II. Players’ circle become congested with the time, players come closer and closer. Two or more teams are landed on the field, the last single survived handful player is able to earn the victory for the team.


Apex Legends Apk Download

Here is the download link for apex legends apk 1.1.1 :

Apex Legends Apk Free Download

Game is emerged for multiple platforms as for PC it can be downloaded from Origin, for PS4 it can be downloaded from PlayStation Store and for Xbox One it can be downloaded from Microsoft. The game gives the freedom to fight and shoot.

How Apex Legends Apk is different than other Battle Royale Games?

Apex legends’ slogan comes from the Royale Battle games by introducing the robotic heroes in the shape of humans, called Legends. Special physical robotic skills and attributes given to the legends give them plus point and upper charge on the opponent players.

By combining the characters’ skill give the hell goosebumps to the opponent unit and force their squad to split and surrender. In apex legends apk, there is no solo and the dual fight scene in it but three squads fight at the same time.

Another difference is that all team members have to follow their own leader, called as a jumpmaster, for vector directions. Essentially, every squad’s players assure their landing spots by their leader.

Apex Legends Apk Loot and gear:

When talk comes to the loot, this game is similar to the other royal battle games, loot and targeted positions are shown around the map to pick up. Weapons, armors, and reloading equipment are available in prominent color circles, tell you what is a valuable thing to pick.

Killing the opponent players will give you their weapons and gear. In apex legends apk, legends can highlight positions for enemies and items for their own squad team with ping system.

Apex Legends Apk Experience and Levels:

Experience points are given to the winning matches. Every time, which squad will win, it will be rewarded coins, named as token legends and apex packs. Players can reach the level limit of 100.

One cool feature regarding the loot is that, if you swap for the new weapon, all previous attachments that you had, will automatically move into the new gun. Another stand out feature is the champion; the next rematch will remember the last one winner besides its killing and experience points. Check out APK Mods for more amazing games.

Apex Legends Apk Characters:

apex legends wraith
apex legends wraith
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All characters, named as Legends, are with stunning and amazing capabilities and fighting tactics. There are primary as well as secondary Legends available. The game provides the player with limited main characters, but you can unlock the secondary players by earning 10k legend tokens from the gameplay.


Empowered with the tactic of Technological Tracker, meaning he can stalk the enemies and reveal their positions at glance with ease.


This tank made a character with huge looking personality has the capability of protecting the dome, provides the shield for close quarters and bombardment.


Caustic is an evil scientist with a bad attitude. He gives look to the gas traps with his toxic ability to see the opponent who may be covered in gas.


Lifeline activates the support of medication and deploys healing capabilities. She controls the drones to give the squad an extra boosted health.


She, known as the smoke launcher, has the capability to sprint and shower under the fire, gives the squad cover. She is also a real fighter and takes participate in soldier class.

Other characters

Wraith (manipulates the space-time)

Pathfinder (grapples the hook edge on the enemy)

Mirage (have holographic shoot devices)

Watson (have electric security rail)

So, get ready yourself to roast the legends, build your strategic crew and evolve in the innovation to the Battle Royale world.

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