Android 6 GAM APK

Android 6 GAM APK – Free Download Latest Version 2022

Android 6 Gam APK is an app that is used to bypass Google Account Protection, In other words, FRP lock. It’s a very tiny app that does the job well and is very easy to use.

It is used when we buy a new phone or factory reset our current devices and we need to log in with a google account in order to activate and use the device and there we come across this screen which asks for Google Account login.

Here comes Android 6 GAM App into play, it’s a bypass method where you’ll enter your Email ID (with Gmail app installed) & password which will remove FRP from your device and it will prompt you to select your country. That’s all, simple, isn’t it?

App Info Android 6 GAM APK

App Name Android 6 GAM APK
Developer Piriform
Category Apps
Size40 Mb
Update 2 Days Ago
Version Latest
Price Free
Require AndroidAndroid 4.5 and Up

Features Of Android 6 GAM APK:

FRP Bypass Google Account Protection: This is the first and foremost feature of the app, it removes FRP from your device and allows you to use Google Account on a factory reset phone.

Transfer Data: Android 6 GAM APK Latest Version Download allows us to transfer data between two phones using wifi, Bluetooth or a USB cable for free! It also allows back-up of contacts from sim 1 sim 2 without any third-party apps.

GPS Location Spoofer: With this feature, we can easily spoof our current location as anywhere in the world with custom location settings.

No Root Required: We don’t need root to use this app, it means the app is not dependent on any third-party apps.

Android ID extractor: Android ID is a 32-digit unique number that identifies your device, but you don’t need to worry about it as the app automatically extracts Android ID.

Restore Or Uninstall The App Easily: As simple as ABC! We can simply restore the app to its original installation or uninstall it.

Very Small in size: The app is very small in size and can be downloaded directly from the google play store.

Compatible with Android version: The app is compatible with all android versions starting from Lollipop to the latest Versions like 8,7.1.1 etc.

Very Easy to use: This app is very easy to use, all you need to do is log in with your Gmail account and the app will do the rest for you.

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How To Use Android 6 GAM APK?

The following steps will help you use the app:

Step 1: Download & Install Android 6 Gam APK On your device, open it and click on the ‘register’ button which will ask for your current Google Account username and password.

Step 2: Once logged in enter any email address (with Gmail installed) and password of a free mail account such as temp-mail, yahoo etc.

Step 3: Now you’ll have to select your country from a list of different countries.

Step 4: Once all this is done, the app will show some terms and conditions which you can accept or reject so choose accordingly.

Step 5: The FRP on your device will be removed and a message will appear saying “success” indicating that the process has been completed successfully.

That’s it! You’re done, now you can use Google Account free on your factory reset phone or after buying a new smartphone!

How To Use Android 6 GAM ?

Before downloading and installing this app, make sure you have enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources on your android phone.

If you don’t know how it’s done, go to, Android Settings > Apps > Installation From Unknown Sources > Enable > Confirm

Step 1. Download Android 6 GAM APK on your android device, using our provided single, fast and secured download links.

Step 2. After downloading the file, your device will ask you if you want to install this app to which you shall say YES.

Step 3. The actual installation process will start and it will take a minute or two depending on your internet connection speed.

You have successfully installed the Android 6 Gam APK on your android device! Now you can use Google Account free on any factory reset smartphone! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is FRP bypassing illegal?

Ans: No, it’s not. FRP is designed to secure your device and no-one can bypass it without your Google account details. That’s why the app asks for Gmail account details so that you can use your own device as you want!

Q. Is there any way to Bypass FRP without PC or Laptop?

Ans: Yes, we have a solution for you which is – Use Android 6 Gam APK Latest 2021 on your smartphone and follow the above steps carefully to remove FRP from your phone!

Q. What does “Success” indicate once I’ve removed FRP successfully?

Ans: ‘Success’ indicates that the process has been completed successfully and now you can use a Google account on your smartphone.

Q. Is it safe to share the download link of Android 6 Gam?

Ans: Yes, we can assure you that sharing our links online is completely safe and legal because we personally tested this for ourselves and after removing FRP using this app, We got a confirmation message saying “Success”.

Q. Will I be able to update my phone if I’m using this APK method?

Ans: Yes, you’ll definitely be able to update your phone as official updates will be downloaded from the Google Play store without any issue!


I hope these instructions and tips were helpful. Our special thanks to the developers of Download Android 6 Gam APK, we used this app to test it and now we’re sharing the download link with our viewers so that if they ever need to remove FRP from their phone, they can simply use this app as a solution. If you like these articles then please share it with your friends, family members or anyone who has an android device! Thank You!

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