XShare apk download – 2020 Secure File Sharing App

XShare apk purpose is to share files and data among devices without requiring an internet connection. Share apps, images, or any other file format. Sender and receiver devices must have installed XShare apk on their devices and be nearby. It establishes its network without an internet connection apart from any inconvenience.

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XShare apk download for secure transfer

The app works by generating a QR Code, which will be paired by another device, which is supposed to accept or send the request. Once the pair is made, you can send or receive data using one to one connection. XShare apk has a much better transfer rate as compared to Bluetooth device, more than two hundred times.

After the transfer procedure done, you can disconnect and unpair the device. It ensures a strong connection build. It is compatible and remains accessible for all sorts of formats. XShare apk is also available for personal computers.

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As you’ll be pretty familiar that operating systems other than Android require an emulator or any secondary simulator, which provides the virtual environment to the device for having XShare apk files installed on them.

There are a lot of app players out there but Blue Stacks gained the popularity of them. If you’re running Windows, and app player is making a disturbance or running slow, you just have to install Microsoft .Net framework to run it smooth and reliable.

You want to share apps, photos, and media stuff but having a deficiency of network, then XShare apk is surely for you which is the best and fastest file sharing tool. Share data anywhere with anyone but make sure that both devices remain close to each other from mobile phones to tablets and PC too. Need no more Bluetooth, XShare apk is here to take cover.

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Providing the fastest service ever with yours and my favorite QR availability. Over 10 Million users are enjoying their usage. No mobile data to send files, music, and photos sharing. There’s fun, while sharing minimize the app, and play games or watch videos.

It provides a stunning interface, which makes the user experience and usability better. Design is enough delicate and user friendly. XShare apk is secure until you don’t allow the pair acceptance, no other device will occur on your radar.

What’s new in XShare apk:

It provides an optimized connection, makes the transfer connection reliable. In other file sharing apps, we face instant interruption because Wi-Fi connection slows or make it break, but in the case of XShare apk, you’ve not to worry about it. Because it is independent of any third-party connection, works with its own network.

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Received files can be stored in a secondary device card. For upgraded Android versions, its interaction is much convenient and smooth. Check out for more amazing APKs.

More than 10M users trust over XShare apk. Best video sharing app without disturbing the quality, you won’t regret using it. Share files with various devices simultaneously. The downloading rate and data transferring sharing rate are amazing. Share files anywhere with anyone.

XShare apk requires no data connection or cellular data. Share Music videos, entire albums. During the transferring, you can play games and watch the data by minimizing the app. The user interface and design are very smooth and reliable to use. Usability gives the stunning edges to drive more people for sharing experiences.

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Extremely secure transfer, once the transferring process starts there is no worry of interruption at any time. Zips, RARs, excel sheets, word docs, PowerPoint ppts, etc., every format is shareable.

Instructions for XShare apk:

Make sure that both devices must have installed app.

Run the app on both devices.

Select the files that you want to share.

The receiver will scan the QR Code with the sender’s device.

Click on the Connect button when the connection is established successfully.

Download XShare apk

It is pretty easy to use. Give it a try.

Download link for XShare apk

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