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Love to stream videos online for free, then unlockmytv apk is the best app for you. No more waiting in researching and make your streaming experience more fun and amazing with this app. This app will let you do the streaming in an easy way and have an amazing feature which you will surely be loving.

Talking about what kind of content this app will be providing you. In this amazing app, you will find all of the Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, News, and much more.

The best part of unlockmytv apk is that it has all the exclusive release of HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more channels like these. No need to pay for anything, simply find what you want to see and start playing it on the app.


This application has very fines features and amazing display graphics which makes it aesthetic and beautiful at the very same time. Talking about the features of unlockmytv android phone here are the following

Features of Unlockmytv APK

Some of the major features of this app are listed below and the details are mentioned too:

  • Regular Updates on homepage:
    The homepage will show you all the latest and new movies and shows you all the popular series on it which helps you to find things on time.
  • Free Exclusive Content:
    You can get hands-on all the exclusive content from all the major channels for free. Not only this but also you can get all the movies which are still in theaters for free.
  • Unlockmytv apk Offline Mode:
    In unlockmytv 2.1.0 you can easily download anything you want so that when you are out of the internet you still can watch all the content on it.
  • Release Date Calendar:
    This is a very helpful feature in unlockmytv apk. This helps you to know about all the dates on which the movies or any video is going to release so that you can make yourself free at that time to watch it.
  • Track Videos:
    This feature will let you help in resuming the videos for where you left off. It will put a mark so that you can resume it whenever you want from the very same position.
  • Language & Subtitles:
    You can find the original language of the released movies and can also put subtitles for better understanding.
  • Detailed Description:
    All the videos have a detailed description on its specific page which contains all the information from minor to major level relates to it in unlockmytv app.
  • Maximum Compatibility:
    unlockmytv apk is compatible with all of your android devices, android box, and firestick too which helps out to watch your favorite videos anywhere.

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Unlockmytv APK Graphics & UI

The app has some very fine and very amazing graphics which the user will love so much. You will find the best color schemes and very clean graphics quality.

Talking about the UI, the developers have done their job very well. The UI of unlockmytv app is super organized and maintained well. There are different categories and subcategories of everything in Unlockmytv mod apk.

First, the category of movies and its subcategory which contains all the genres of the movies and every other have different subcategories too. This makes the interface super neat and easy to understand by anyone.

The best part of this platform is you can be able to see anything you want for free and there are no issues left. The unlockmytv not working is also resolved for better experience.

In unlockmytv you can find that many videos and content which you cannot be able to see in your plenty of life spans that how you know about the huge quantity of data in it.

Works on different Platforms

There are different platforms on which Unlockmytv is working. These are listed in the following:

  • Unlockmytv for pc
    You can download this app on your PC too for download you can use any kind of emulator by which you can be able to use it on your computer devices. To download it on your pc check out bluestacks.
  • Unlockmytv IOS
    The app is also avalaible for IOS users but you cannot get the apk of it. As iOS is strict on their security reasons, so they won’t let you do the downloading of such apk. Still, there are ways but they are illegal so use only the authentic ways.

Unlockmytv Download for android phone

The download will begin when you click on the blue button below. It’s a very small-sized app that takes almost no time while downloading. Click on it to begin the installation.

Unlockmytv Latest Version APK Download

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