Clash of Clans Mod APK 2020 – Latest & Updated COC MOD

We are talking about this famous and most successful game of supercell called Clash of clans mod apk. This is the best game of this franchise and people are super crazy for it for years and still they are happily playing and addicted to it.

This game stick sits users to itself by providing it some serious and fascinatingly amazing features and best gameplay and that’s all that someone wants from a game like this.

People love to play it for hours and hours due to its super fun gameplay. This game is unique in its genre and some very best and fascinating things in this game.

There are many other games of this franchise but nothing is comparable with this clash of clan game. Many different people tried to make things like that none of them did what did game does. That’s why this game is still famous for millions of people.

This game is released in 2012 and after 8 big years in 2020 people are still crazy for it and continue playing it with all their hearts. This game makes them stick to itself and that’s how people still somehow love to play it.

The gameplay of Clash of Clans Mod APK

One of the best gameplay is of this amazing game called clash of clans. In this game, there are numerous things that you can do to enjoy and play this game and this gameplay is the main reason which helps to make the users addicted to it.

This gameplay consists of many different troops and heroes which helps to achieve different things in this game. There are two different types of bases inside this game one is home base and the other one is the builder base.

Both these bases have different things and different features too, you will love both of them surely after playing them. This will make your gaming experience very amazing.

Clash of Clans Mod APK 2020


Clash of Clans Home Village

The home village is the main base of this game. In this village there are major things that are happening. In this, you can attack other bases and they will defend themselves by means of different buildings. You have to attack other bases to get loot from them.

The loot is in many senses. It could be gold, elixir, and dark elixir. You have to loot them by cooking troops and build an army to attack them. The strategy is different in different bases.

So you have to think in a different way while attacking. You can take different types of troops and heroes and also some spells which help you out in between the attacks. That’s how it works in the attacking part.

When we talk about the defending part we have to defend ourselves by creating some tough and so complicated base so that when someone attacks you can defend yourself wisely. You can also ready your heroes, they also will help you in defending your base.

Clash of Clans Builder Base

There’s another base in this game which is created after some years of the main home village. This base has not that many things, but you can create gems and other stuff from it and you can simultaneously attack different people at the same time.

That’s the beauty of this builder base. You can do much other stuff too in this base which is really amazing, you can click the boat on the home village base to get to this builder base.

The list of the Home Village & Builder Base troops are as follows:

Home Village Troops ListBuilder Base Troops List
BarbariansSneaky Archer
ArcherBeta Minion
WizardsBaby Dragon
BalloonBoxer Giant
P.E.K.K.ADrop Ship
Hog ridersSuper P.E.K.K.A
GiantsRaged Barbarian
MinerNight Witch
GolemHog Glider
ValkyrieCannon Cart
Party Wizard
Electro Dragon
El Primo
Stone Slammer
Giant Skeleton
Royal Ghost
Wall breaker
Lava Hound
Battle Blimp
Battle Ram
Ice Golem
Archer Baby
Ice Wizard
Siege Barracks
Wall Wrecker

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What is Clash of Clans Mod APK Private Server?

The private server of this game is the server which is totally different from the other servers out there and the original server too. There are many private servers available to play the game.

Each server has different people, as many people are playing on different servers of this game, so you can find different players and different loots on different servers out there.

Each server has its unique qualities and features and people are playing on all of them to experience all of that. One thing which common in all of them is that it doesn’t bound you like the original game. They give you unlimited stuff and many extra features.

You cannot find all of that in the original game. So better try these private servers to maximize the user experience and experience more and upgraded stuff inside this game.

What is Clash of Clans Mod APK?

Here we have the latest and updated version of this game which is moded and amazing from the original game and will let you do different things which you cannot do in the original game.

In this moded version, there are many extra features added which helps in building the base and army in less time and effective. This will help you in doing almost everything with zero effort and that’s the beauty of it.

There are many different features that are so fascinating to see and play. Some of them are listed below:

  • Unlimited everything
    you will get everything in an unlimited quantity without doing anything at all. This feature will let you put hands on all the major and minor things in the game.
  • Easy upgrades
    you can upgrade everything easily without paying anything just do any upgrade for free and in zero amount of time.
  • Early Access
    you can put hands on everything in early stages, you don’t have to wait for anything at all in this moded version of the game.
  • Zero Cooking time
    There will be zero cooking time for troops and spells, in this way you can go for attacks more often.

Modes of Clash of Clans

  • clash of clans mod apk unlimited troops
  • clash of clans mod apk hack
  • clash of clans mod apk offline unlimited gems
  • clash of clans mod apk unlimited gems and coins
  • clash of clans mod apk unlimited everything

Clash of Clans Mod APK for Android

You can download the latest version of this game called clash of clans mod on your android devices by clicking on the following coming link below. This is the very latest and most upgraded version.

So that you can get the latest modes and features of this game while you playing this amazing game. The link is attached below.

Clash of Clans Mod APK for IOS

For all the iOS users, there’s a piece of the sad news that there is no mod version is yet created and available to play on the IOs device. You guys have to wait for some time until it’s released for the IOS users.

As it’s released we will make sure to put in on the site for all the IOS users out there. Surely we will provide you the latest and updated IOS version and that will be compatible with all your android devices.

Clash of Clans Mod APK Download

You can download the latest Mod of this game from here for your mobile devices and can enjoy to the fullest because we have set everything for you.

Download Clash of Clans Mod APK

Clash of Clans Mod APK Latest Versions List

These are the following very latest and properly maintained and updated version listed below:

  • Clash of clans mod apk 13.0.25
  • Clash of clans mod apk 9.105.9
  • Clash of clans mod apk 9.256 19
  • clash of clans mod apk 24.1

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