Parallel Space Apk Download 2020 for Android & iOS | Pro 64 bit

You wanna manage more than one user account for any mobile application? Parallel space apk comes with the solution. This application left you with the advantage that you can create an account for all social or any other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Games, etc.

It provides much ease in use, simpler than ever. Its user interface is quite smoother and bubbly. It creates the virtual space on your device, which is not overlapped by the primary memory, main memory does not interfere with the virtual memory so that is called independent.

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Parallel Space Apk Download

Here is a fun fact, that you can use multiple accounts on a single app. The operating system will give priority to the main layer instead of the virtual layer, so it can resist the minor speed accomplishment. Parallel space apk itself manages its internal created accounts, you can mute the app notifications, can give access to the permissions of root or mod version.

You can install any mod package of the application by pasting it in its file manager folder. It requires permission for every application. It is quite an interesting app for running multiple accounts at different places. It gives the anonymous feature which helps the user to hide the mutability of applications like gaming, social and networking.

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The app allows you to manage the diversity of accounts in a single interface, what anyone else can wish for.  Demand increasing apps located in a single platform that allows creating the clone of apps.

Independent apps can share replicas without creating a mess. Along with the encapsulation of the app, each inner app or account will notify you individually.

Such a comforting tool for the user, don’t need for another separate device if you can make use of single. It is much annoying and disturbing to jump from one device to another, thanks to parallel space apk for saving us.

Parallel space apk provides the built-in visualization engine for portable devices, integration of simultaneous apps can be performed within single-engine. It is quite legal because it demands permission to access every single app.

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Android versions afterward of Pie, provide their feature for application cloning, but devices with older versions can’t take benefit of it that’s why here we come with parallel space apk.

The panel of parallel space apk provides the list of compatible apps that can be added to make clone or replica. Data will not interfere with any other replica.

Some devices don’t allow to make guest accounts, but it can be done now. By using this app memory partitions can be made. It consumes a little bit of memory, doesn’t take much computational power of memory. Checkout for more APKs.

Sometimes a moment comes, when the game falls in waiting time mode, here you no need to worry, if the primary account is giving waiting mode then shift to the parallel account to save your time.

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Exceptional or whitelist is available to boost up the apps and make sure of the notification network. Almost all apps are supported by it, can switch quickly. In parallel space apk, comprehensive theme storage is available.

The application manages its task manager to lower the memory burden. So, get ready to secure your apps from the frontier eyes. Protect user privacy, make the apps anonymous through the hidden mode.

Parallel Space Apk Multitasking Features:

Clone and run multiple accounts simultaneously

Multitasking provides the dual space

Less memory consumption

Require grant for every permission access

Anonymity to apps

Use themes to style the unique space

Switching between apps with a single tap

Individual task manager


Parallel Space Apk Download

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